Distillery Tour on Fyn

Visit 3 distilleries on Fyn and taste locally distilled whisky, gin, rum and eau de vie.

The tour starts at Aqua Vitae on Southern Fyn which is the first distillery in Denmark to produce eau de vie – a clear fruit brandy. The owner Karsten will give you a tour of the distillery, and you can taste their famous Apple Calva and the price winning aperitif Pomó.

Next stop on the tour is the new micro-distillery Mosgaard Whisky. Here the owner Jes will show you his specially designed distillery and tell you about his experience with producing whisky and organic gin under Danish conditions. The whisky still has to mature in barrels for another 2 years before it is perfect, so in the meantime you can taste Mosgaard´s savory young malt and popular organic gin.

Last stop on the tour is at Nyborg Distillery which opens in June 2017 with its own restaurant, shop and visitor center. It is the biggest distillery among Denmark´s micro-distilleries. You can get a tour of the distillery as one of the first, and of course you get to taste one of their products. The tour ends with dinner in the distillery´s restaurant before we head back to Odense.  

Practical information
Means of transportion: Bus
Maximum number of people on the tour: 40
Meeting point and meeting time: Behind Odense train station (Dannebrogsgade) at 1.30 P.M.
Ending time and place: 21 P.M. at Odense train station.
Age limit: Minimum 18 years.

*Additional beverages are available for purchase.


Distillery Tour on Fyn

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Food Fyn

Wineries, breweries, destilleries, chocolateries, gourmet restaurants and idyllic farm shops. Fyn is an island of plenty when it comes to delicious specialities and culinary experiences. Join a food tour on Fyn and meet the producers and taste the wonderful food and beverages.
Open from 8.00 A.M - 4 P.M on weekdays.