Valdemar’s Castle – Admission – Save 2 euros per ticket

Order in advance and save 2 euros per ticket. Experience Valdemar’s castle close up – the attractive rooms, unique paintings and furniture or our large Hunting and Trophy Museum. Also enjoy our attractive park and the fine views over the bay, Lunkebugten. 

A unique experience for both children and adults – see the historic buildings, learn the story of Valdemar’s Castle or visit the unique Hunting and Trophy Museum. Hire a bicycle or kayak and take a trip around the attractive forests or the beautiful South Funen Archipelago. Lunch can be enjoyed in our attractive park with a view of the lake or by the Tea Pavilion with views of the bay, Lunkebugten.

NOTE - be sure to check opening hours before ticket booking.
Opening hours - season 2017

8/4-17/4 Påskeåbent/Easter open 10.00-17.00
22/4-23/4 Alle weekender/all weekends 10.00-17.00
29/4-30/4 Alle weekender/all weekends 10.00-17.00
1/5-31/5 Tirsdag/Tuesday – søndag/Sunday 10.00-17.00
1/6-30/6 Alle dage/Every day 10.00-17.00
1/7-31/7 Alle dage/Every day 10.00-19.00
1/8-31/8 Alle dage/Every day 10.00-17.00
1/9-24/9 Tirsdag/Tuesday – søndag/Sunday 10.00-17.00

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Valdemar’s Castle – Admission – Save 2 euros per ticket

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Valdemar's Castle - Admission for child - Save 1 euro per ticket

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Valdemar's Castle

Visitors to Valdemar's Castle are free to explore its enchanting rooms, halls and chambers. Lose yourself in the atmosphere of the place. Upon arrival, guests are given a printed guide about the castle’s history and Niels Juel. After exploring the 21 rooms, visitors can understand why the family feels their home is too good to keep to themselves and have decided to invite the public to share its delights.