Castles and manor houses



The past is brightly alive on Fyn. A total of 123 castles and manor houses are scattered throughout the Fyn countryside, emanating history and adventure. Several of the castles open their doors to events, concerts, exhibitions, park strolls, culinary specialties and luxurious castle stays. So, move up in the world by visiting all the historical places Fyn has to offer.

Castles and manor houses of Fyn

You do not have to drive far from the Fyn motorway before finding yourself in a genuine fairytale countryside. The road takes you through small villages, past rolling hills and green meadows, and just as you come around a corner, there it is – a spectacular building from a bygone time with sweeping wrought iron gates or grand driveways leading up to the buildings. It might be from the Middle Ages or the Renaissance or be completely Baroque – but it's always impressive.

H.C. Andersen Trail

Follow the Hans Christian Andersen trail

During many summers, the writer was a welcomed guest at Funen manour houses and castles.  A number of these houses are now open to visitors, so you can get close to Andersen's experiences. 

Room at Broholm Castle

Castle holiday on Fyn – history and luxury

Fyn has over 123 castles and manor houses. Its is even possible to stay in some of them overnight.

Egeskov – packed with things to see and do

Egeskov is one of the biggest attractions on Fyn. The beautiful castle is home to magnificent grounds – which are among the very finest in Europe – hosts a wide range of activities for all the family. 

Glorup Castle

Beautiful castles and manors

Fyn is home to a host of castles and manor houses. In fact, there are 123 of them on the island, so you are almost certain to come across one or more of them during your visit. 

Egeskov castle

Museums and ghosts – for the curious and the brave

Walk around in great halls and attics and see everything that has been preserved from the past. But be careful! You may meet a queen or a baron that died a long time ago.