The South Fyn Archipelago



There are islands all the way around Fyn. Large and small, inhabited and uninhabited – a total of 96, most of them south of Fyn. You will find adventures under the open sky for the whole family. You can experience the islands by sea or on land. Each island has a special history and unique characteristics. You could, for example, visit Ærø with its beautiful landscapes and look out at the Baltic, Drejø – paradise of the artists, Skarø – known for its incredible ice-cream and cosy festival. On the north-east side of Fyn, you will find Romsø, where the countryside has minded its own business for centuries. And there’s Æbelø, which you can walk over to at low tide. 

So, if you have an inclination for fantastic scenic adventures, exciting cultural history and warm-hearted islanders, then take a tour to the islands around Fyn.

The South Fyn Archipelago

The South Fyn Archipelago consists of a number of islands, large and small, inhabited and uninhabited. There are no less that 55 islands and islets. Some of the most well-known islands are Ærø, Lyø and Drejø.

The village idyll of the islands and their charming inhabitants are definitely worth a visit any time of the year.

The islands and the islanders

The islands and the islanders – get a real adventure!

They are filled with kindness, atmosphere and authenticity. Experience the individual South Fyn islands with their fantastic scenery and inhabitants. 

Map of the archipelago

Map of the archipelago

On the map of the Funen archipelago, you will find inspiration for your own adventures, whether kayaking at sea, diving, horseback riding, hiking, windsurfing, kite surfing, angling, underwater hunting, cycling, climbing and sailing. You will also find ideas for tours – children included – for the many excursion destinations in the South Fyn Archipelago.

Everything has been put together in a detailed map of the Fyn Archipelago.

Adventures on the islands

Today the South Fyn Archipelago offers a wide range of outdoor activities and beautiful sightseeing destinations for both children and adults. At three places on the Fyn Archipelago, you will find adventure centres, so there is plenty of opportunity to take the family out for all kinds of adventures.

Kiss the frog

Kiss the frog – and find the prince or princess

Kiss the Frog is a new nature study concept that gives families with children a lot of educational and fun experiences about nature. In the three different Kiss the Frog centres you can study a series of offers as a family about adventures or expeditions in the countryside or cultural history.

Now we turn the kayak around

Now we turn the kayak around

Fyn and the surrounding islands is a unique kayaking destination.

History of the islands

The South Fyn Archipelago is a sunken Ice Age landscape with a fantastic history and a picture-perfect landscape. The large area of about 480 km² is characterised by the last Ice Age moving across Fyn. More than 55 green and lush islands and islets are scattered throughout a blue shallow sea, where a mild climate all year creates the basis for its rich plant and animal life. Several areas of the archipelago are designated as sanctuaries for breeding birds and have strict access requirements. Others are vulnerable nature reserves with unique plant and animal life.

Dating back to the Stone Age

Dating back to the Stone Age

The South Fyn Archipelago has been inhabited for thousands of years, and traces of human settlement have been found which date back to the Stone Age hunters that lived here 14,000 years ago. 

Dating back to the Ice Age

Dating back to the Ice Age

The South Fyn Archipelago is an old Ice Age landscape. Along the coasts, a multitude of coastal formations such as salt marshes, headlands, cliffs and islands have developed. Read about the geological history behind the formation of the islands here.




Around on the islands

There are many ways of getting around. On a bicycle, by car or public transportation. You will find all the information at the local tourist agencies or here on the page under the heading "By car, by train and bus or by ferryboat". In addition, you will be provided suggestions for good, family-friendly eating places in the area.


The tourist agencies

Where can I find the tourist agencies?

Here you can find links to tourist agencies on Fyn and the islands. The agencies will help you make arrangements for hotel stays, island hopping and other activities.