Hans Christian Andersen



You cannot say Fyn without also saying Hans Christian Andersen. And when you visit Fyn, you will see clearly where he got his inspiration for so many of his famous fairytales. Particularly in Odense, but also in other places on Fyn, you can find traces of the great writer.

Traces of the great writer

The birthplace of Hans Christian Andersen, Odense, has changed a lot since he was a child. However, you can still find buildings and areas in the city which look nearly the way they did when the writer was a child. Two apps will guide you to importan places of the famous writer in his hometown Odense. Travel in Hans Christian Andersens footsteps and visit Funen manour houses and castles.

H.C. Andersen Trail

Follow the Hans Christian Andersen trail

During many summers, the writer was a welcomed guest at Funen manour houses and castles.  A number of these houses are now open to visitors, so you can get close to Andersen's experiences. 

Museums and more - about Hans Christian Andersen

In the heart of Odense you can encounter impressions of the city's famous fairytale writer –not just by way of the distinct 1800's atmosphere of the narrow streets but also quite literally in the form of the Hans Christian Andersen House and Childhood Home. You can feel it yourself. The spirit of Andersen lingers.


Play your own fairytale

The children’s cultural house The Tinderbox is a cultural house for children, youth and adults. It conveys Hans Christian Andersen's fairytales through retelling, art and drama activities.

Events and festivals

H.C. Andersen Festivals

The Hans Christian Andersen Festivals are held in the late summer, transforming the city of Odense and converting the modern urban setting into a magical universe in the spirit of the famous author.