Cycling holiday on Fyn and the surrounding islands

Fyn and the surrounding islands are perfect for a cycling holiday

The island offers more than 1,000 km of cycling routes going through beautiful landscapes. Plan a cycling holiday on Fyn, tailored to suit you and your family - whether you dream of becoming one with nature and spending the night outside at one of the small nature campsites, going through beautiful landscapes with the luxury of baggage transport and good hotels or taking the bicycle from island to island in the archipelago of South Fyn

And Fyn is indeed very cycling-friendly - with uniform biking signs as well as pleasant and varying scenery and an infra-structure on cyclists' terms where you do not have to look far for specially designed cycle track or lanes. All this have made Fyn one of the most sought-after cycling destinations. 

The cycle routes cover the entirety of Fyn as well as the islands Langeland and Ærø. They are all described in detail and plotted out on the most cycle-friendly roads.

You will be guided safely through the most beautiful routes on Fyn.

Go around the entire green island of Fyn or go from island to island and experience the charm of the archipelago of South Fyn. Beautiful nature and relaxing island life are key words. Ruby Rejser specializes in arranging memorable cycling experiences.

Baggage transport, booking of hotels and beautiful routes are a included  

While cycling, time is your own. You can take a rest or step on it – whichever suits you. The landscape on Fyn is a charming blend of coastlines, forests, fields and cultural sights. 123 castles and mansions have been scattered loosely around the green island so stop when you see a castle tower glint in the sun and enjoy the beautiful buildings from times past. 

During many summers, the famous writer was a welcomed guest at Funen manour houses and castles.  A number of these houses are now open to visitors, so you can get really close to Andersen's experiences. At many venues you can see the rooms he stayed in as well as the parks where he used to to got a stroll.

Culinary Fyn – fuel for your body and mind

When planning your cycling holiday around Fyn why not plan to stop by some of the small local producers of delicious culinary specialties. If you like chocolate, wine or beer (and who doesn’t?) take a look at the culinary routes on Fyn and combine your cycling trip with a special culinary experience.

Throughout the spring, summer and autumn you will find different types of festivals and markets around Fyn that celebrates good, local food. So why not check if you are so lucky to be around for one of these on your cycling holiday around Fyn. Or why not plan a trip to some of the local Farm shops on Fyn where you will find specialties ranging from fresh vegetables and fruits to organic meats and tasty homemade jams.


Fresh produce from the Fyn soil is the key ingredient in all the culinary experiences and products Fyn is known for. Read much more here and get inspired for your next culinary experience.

On Fyn there are an exceptional number of farm shops and barn door outlets, and there are a number of restaurants which only use locally produced ingredients.



I want to ride my bicycle - I want to ride my bike

Things speed up when the cyclists tighten their shoes and put on their helmets. Whether you are crazy about good, old-fashioned cycle races or prefer indoor track races that really makes the adrenalin kick in, you will find many places and events on Funen interesting.

Whether you jump in the saddle for a tough 333 km ride all the way along the coast of Funen, race on wheels in the elite for 180 km, or just come to the party at the finish line, you can look forward to a wonderful summer experience with the bike race Fyen Rundt


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