Culinary Fyn

Culinary Fyn – the garden of Denmark

The rich soil of Fyn is the foundation for excellent foods. Juicy apples, dark-red cherries, freshly pressed juices, hand-picked tomatoes, fresh asparagus, and flowers of all colours and types. And there are plenty of opportunities to experience the "taste of Fyn" at the many food markets and festivals.

Visit the Fyn farmer's markets and food festivals

On Fyn we love festivities and good food. And we especially love combining the two into "food festivals". From May through October, you will always be able to find and join a festival or event involving food and Fyn specialties. So stop by and get a taste of Fyn. It is a wonderful experience.

Fynske høstfester - året rundt

Food and harvest festivals on Fyn

Every year, the cities of Fyn have a number of festivals with food as their main theme. And what could be cosier than gathering around some of the fresh, tasty, locally produced delicacies? 

Gastroteket tilbyder mange forskellige fynske specialiteter

Farm shops – explore the many delicious specialties

On Fyn there are an exceptional number of farm shops and barn door outlets, and there are a number of restaurants which only use locally produced ingredients.



Markedsdage på Fyn

Market days and markets

Fresh, locally produced food products are sold all over Fyn. You will find both outdoor market days as well as indoor food markets in the various towns of Fyn, and you may also find international inspiration.In Odense a special supermarket, Supergastro, which primarily sells local Fyn food products and delicacies, has opened. Read about it and locate the various markets and market days here.

Explore culinary Fyn

Exquisite dining, arranged food tours, producer visits and small farm shops with delicious specialties. 

Fyn Gourmet

Make sure to visit some of Fyn's numerous gourmet restaurants and fine dining places, many of which make extensive use of local ingredients fresh from the ground.

Food tours on Fyn

Like no other place in Denmark, Fyn is home to an abundance of small, passionate producers, who welcome you inside with open arms. See what to experience when visiting Fyn.

Rygeost er en fynsk specialitet

Fyn Specialties

Beer, wine, spirits, chocolate, cheese and apples. Fyn is a land of plenty when it comes to quality specialties. Make sure not to miss out on local culinary experiences when you are here if you wish to learn more about the Fyn and Danish food culture.

mmoks laver mad med fynske råvarer

A delicious meal

There are a host of fine brasseries and top quality restaurants on Fyn and the islands. Have a look here and find inspiration for your next delicious meal.

Culinary Experiences

All over our beautiful Island and the South Funen Archipelago you will find numerous local, culinary experiences. See our guide to the best beer-, wine- and chocolate places on Fyn.


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