Experience the island of Fyn

Funen harvest festivals – all year

Harvest festivals on Fyn – all year

Every year, the cities of Fyn have a number of festivals with food as their main theme. And what could be cosier than gathering around some of the fresh, tasty, locally produced delicacies – whether they are composed of vegetables, cheese, fruit, beer, or chocolate?

Vandring på Sydfyn

The Archipelago Trail

A total of 220 km of hiking trails wind their way along a captivating route around the South Fyn Archipelago.


Festivals on Fyn

Fyn loves festivals, and it is no idle boast when we say that the island has something for everyone to enjoy.

Room at Broholm Castle

Castle holiday on Fyn – history and luxury

Fyn has over 123 castles and manor houses. Its is even possible to stay in some of them overnight.

Download a Fyn/Funen map of attractions, restaurants and accommodation

Download a map of attractions on Fyn

Download a Fyn/Funen map of attractions, restaurants and accommodation

Fynsk cykelrute

Cycling holiday on Fyn

The island offers more than 1,000 km of cycling routes going through beautiful landscapes. Fyn and the surrounding islands are perfect for a cycling holiday

Hans Christian Andersen

About Hans Christian Andersen

Hans Christian Andersen was born in Odense in 1805. At the age of 14, he decided to try his luck at the Royal Danish Theatre in Copenhagen. Having finished his education in 1829, the young graduate began a full-time writing career.

Funen fishing locations

Beautiful Fyn fishing locations – all year round

The coast around Fyn and nearby islands is hundreds of miles long. Thus, at the outset, it might be hard to choose where to start. This is a guide that can help you get on your way.