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    The South Fyn Archipelago is perfect for outdoor adventures and activities. Here you will find something for everyone, and you will undoubtedly get an experience beyond the usual if you choose to visit one or more of the islands. 

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    Fyn and the surrounding islands are the perfect playground for everybody with a preference for challenges and beautiful scenery. Embark on an active vacation on Fyn. Our mild island offers a varied landscape combined with a long array of beautiful cities and villages. To sum up: Optimal conditions for an active vacation. Whether you enjoy riding, hiking, cycling, sailing, snorkeling, diving or kayaking, this is the place for you. 

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    Fyn is the ideal place for families with children: Child-friendly beaches in all directions, camping sites with water parks, playgrounds and lots of activities for children and families. On Fyn, everything is within a reasonable distance, so forget about the 'when-are-we-going-to-be-there' questions from the back seat because the answer is always 'in just a moment'.

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    Fyn and the surrounding islands are perfect for a cycling holiday The island offers more than 1,000 km of cycling routes going through beautiful landscapes. Plan a cycling holiday on Fyn, tailored to suit you and your family - whether you dream of becoming one with nature and spending the night outside at one of the small nature campsites, going through beautiful landscapes with the luxury of baggage transport and good hotels or taking the bicycle from island to island in the archipelago of South Fyn

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    There are islands all the way around Fyn. Large and small, inhabited and uninhabited – a total of 96, most of them south of Fyn. You will find adventures under the open sky for the whole family. You can experience the islands by sea or on land. Each island has a special history and unique characteristics. You could, for example, visit Ærø with its beautiful landscapes and look out at the Baltic, Drejø – paradise of the artists, Skarø – known for its incredible ice-cream and cosy festival.

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    Check out some of the experiences Ærø has to offer. You can see Flaske-Peter's fantastic collection or learn more about the selection of Ærø Brewery, which has expanded to seven different brews: Christmas Ale, Easter Ale, Dark Ale, India Pale Ale, Walnut, Stout and Grolle Pilsner.

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    The coasts around Fyn and the islands present unique options for angling. Many good times await the person who seeks them out, but the good fishing opportunities have not come about by themselves. They are the result of more than 20 years of dedicated work in maintaining the living conditions of the fish and for improved water quality. Here you will find a lot of information on fishing as wells as tips on how to arrange your overnight stay and really experience a Fyn fishing adventure.

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    You will receive a mail to confirm your subscription so you can receive great tips and inspiration to exciting adventures and events on Fyn (Funen).

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      In the Fyn Village you can travel back in time to a village as it looked at the time of Hans Christian Andersen – including timber framings, gardens, domestic animals, and tilled fields. Throughout the summer, you can experience a window of time that is brought to life by the farmer and farmer's wife milking the cows, dying the wool and ploughing the fields.

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    Fyn and its surrounding islands are with their 1,000 km marked cycling routes in beautiful scenery the obvious choice for a cycling holiday. It will not get any easier with four ready-made offers which contain everything, ranging from overnight accommodation, ferry boats and even luggage transportation.

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    A bicycle race with more than 104 years in the saddle – that is what you can experience in Fyn on the 15th of June

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    Kerteminde: Big Boat Challenge –14-16 June For sailors and public with a passion for fast and streamlined sailboats there is something to look forward to when the Big Boat Challenge is held at Kerteminde: Here about 40 of the greatest boat racers of Scandinavia and their crews meet to compete in this international race. A total of 400 sailors usually participate.

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    The past is brightly alive on Fyn. A total of 123 castles and manor houses are scattered throughout the Fyn countryside, emanating history and adventure. Several of the castles open their doors to events, concerts, exhibitions, park strolls, culinary specialties and luxurious castle stays. So, move up in the world by visiting all the historical places Fyn has to offer.

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    Welcome to the South Fyn Archipelago – the ultimate cruise water in Denmark. From the sea, you can view the beautiful sand beaches against the backdrop of huge old beech forests. Steep cliffs, green meadows and huge estates and manor houses lying all the way out to the strait. Plenty of islands.  If you would like to see this and much more, and you want to sail with sails and experience the presence of history on an old schooner or galeas, then through the Maritime Centre you have the option of booking an unusual holiday or day trip on the water.

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    There are many ways of getting around. Whether you are going by bicycle or car, you can get information at the local tourist agencies or by clicking here.

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    The many islands and the beautiful landscape along the coast make sailing in the Fyn waters one of the most diverse and beautiful experiences in Denmark. This is precisely the reason Fyn and the surrounding archipelago is one of the yachting enthusiasts' absolute favourites, and the multitude of quaint harbour towns and marinas are humming with life from the start of the sailing season until in mid-October.

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    You see them everywhere on Funen. There are 123 castles and manor houses, so you cannot avoid driving by one.  They have once been homes to earls, barons, war heroes and wealthy people, and many still are. Some of them invite guests to come and see the lordly residences and wonderful parks. The best known and most visited are Egeskov and Valdemar's Castle. Other castles are run as modern hotel and convention businesses, serving as a fairytale setting for parties, conferences and luxurious stays at the castle.

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    Samlet afstand: 60,5 km 52,75 km på asfalteret vej og 7,75 på grusvej

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    A total of 300 km on the waves around Fyn. That is what Sea Challenge Fyn has to offer in week 31. Those who have tried it for themselves become almost addicted and feel nearly reborn when they cross the finish line in Svendborg. And, of course, the experience of seeing Fyn from the water is never the same twice.

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    How about going on an excursion to one of the many nature playgrounds on Fyn? You can bring the picnic basket and enjoy a nice afternoon or evening. And who knows, maybe you will find some new play mates. Nature playgrounds on Fyn

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    A holiday in the countryside is active, rich in adventures and relaxing. Additionally, you have plenty of opportunity to experience the typical Fyn village environment. Meet the friendly Fyn country folks "where they live". Go fishing, experience close contact with the beautiful and peaceful nature. Give the children a "culture shock" – bring them on a trip to the countryside!

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    Here is a guide to all the fishing spots you can find in the Fyn area. The numbers below refer to the spot numbers in the book "117 Fine Fishing Spots", which you can get here. Fine Fyn spring spots Enebærodde and Gabet (1,11): In spring, when a large part of the sea trout leave Odense Fjord, the outer areas around the fjord are naturally great places to fish.

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    Castles and manor houses have always been connected to romance, and what could be more romantic than a weekend stay for two in beautiful chambers with direct access to parks and lounges?  Hindsgavl Slot

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    Hans Christian Andersen's birthplace is located in the old part of town in Odense. In 1908, the Hans Christian Andersen House was opened as a museum of the life and works of the writer, and it is therefore one of the oldest museums for a writer in the world. The exhibitions take you back to the time period in which the works of Hans Christian Andersen originated. You will be presented to the man Hans Christian Andersen, his distinct appearance and his mind. The creative scope of the writer is shown through his drawings and paper-cut figures.

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    Hans Christian Andersen grew up as the son of a poor shoemaker in Odense. Today his childhood home has been converted into a museum, where you can see several of his original manuscripts and diaries. Hans Christian Andersen used his childhood and poor conditions as the inspiration for many of his fairytales, and later he also pulled from his failed ambitions as an actor.

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    Hans Christian Andersen is the most well-known Dane in the world. His fairytales have been translated into 160 different languages, and in China several of his fairytales are part of the standard school curriculum. The fairytales that are popular in different parts of the world vary greatly.

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    Fairytale Egeskov Egeskov Castle is the most well preserved Renaissance water castle, i.e., a castle sitting on pillars in the water. Egeskov is truly a fairytale castle filled with secrets and mystique. True, there are no definite accounts of ghosts, and yet... someone has heard strange sounds coming from the parade amour on display. In the castle attic is a small wooden man. Legend has it that the castle will crash into the moat on Christmas Eve if he were ever moved. We are not superstitious, yet I do not dare move it.

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    Day sailing trips depart from most harbours on Fyn, giving you the opportunity to spend a couple of hours on the waves. The activities vary and include seal safaris, island tours and much more besides. You can buy tickets for sailing trips around the South Fyn Archipelago online at Click the header marked “Netbutik” (WebShop). Trips are run from the following harbours in the South Fyn area:

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    Fyn has many places where you can go hiking. If you are a hiking enthusiast, we recommend you go to the South of Fyn and try out the 220 km long Øhavssti. It is probably Denmark’s longest and most beautiful trail. Many use it as a sort of pilgrimage. Not to find religious salvation but to gear down, look into oneself and find peace and meaning in the hike itself. The area around Vissenbjerg also has fine possibilities for hiking. 

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    Christmas is something special on Fyn. Many of the fine castles and manor houses are decorated and welcome joyful Christmas markets on whole Fyn. Fyn’s biggest Christmas market – Hans Christian Andersen Christmas market has in charming way adapted itself in Hans Christian Andersen´s old neighborhood. Many cities on Fyn have their own recipes on what a real Christmas market should offer. Come in the Christmas spirits when Christmas lights sparkle on the threes and buildings in the decorated Christmas streets in each market town and make Christmas shopping a special experience.

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    Fyn har vilde, smukke strande og blide, flade strande. Badevandet er i top og meget varieret hele vejen rundt. Men kan man lave andet på stranden end at bade? Her er tip til alle aldersklasser, nye lege og sjove spil – og sikkerhed, ikke mindst. Du må IKKE bade:

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    You cannot say Fyn without also saying Hans Christian Andersen. And when you visit Fyn, you will see clearly where he got his inspiration for so many of his famous fairytales. Particularly in Odense, but also in other places on Fyn, you can find traces of the great writer.

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    If you want to experience musical, culinary or other exciting events, then you have plenty to choose from on Fyn. You can bring the family to one of the many culinary festivals and taste some of the specialties Fyn has to offer. If you would rather move your body or your vocal cords, then the many sports and musical events are obvious choices.

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    There are several fine nature playgrounds on Fyn.• Vejstrup Ådal:• Gåsebjergsand:• Morud Nature Playground• Bolbro Anlæg (park)• Børnebyen (the Children’s Village):• Dronningemaen Nature Playground:• Sansehaven (sensory garden), Nyborg: Find your favourite playground from our list.

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    The rich soil of Fyn is the foundation for excellent foods. Juicy apples, dark-red cherries, freshly pressed juices, hand-picked tomatoes, fresh asparagus, and flowers of all colours and types. And there are plenty of opportunities to experience the "taste of Fyn" at the many food markets and festivals.

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    On many of the islands, various wading birds breed on the coasts, and in many places you will find huge colonies such as tern and seagull colonies.   The South Fyn Archipelago is under international protection, and several areas on the islands are designated nature preserves with no access during the breeding season from 1 March to 15 July.   The Arctic tern is the bird that migrates the most. It breeds here in the summer, and late in the year it flies to Antarctica to stay through the winter.

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    The Viking ship in Ladby

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    On Fyn, castles and manor houses are strung out like pearls on a string, and with their chestnut-lined driveways, stone fences, parks and moats, they constitute a significant part of the Fyn heritage and the Fyn nature. In total, there are 123 castles and manor houses on Fyn. About 30 of them are open to the public in various ways. At some of the castles and manor houses, you may dine, stay overnight or listen to concerts, while others have developed into multi-attractions with a wealth of adventures.

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    Adventure parks on Fyn You will find plenty of outdoor life and feel a rush of adrenalin in the adventure parks. Here you can swing through the tree tops at a furious speed and go through challenging climbing courses. There are climbing routes at all levels of difficulty, so everyone can participate. 

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    The South Fyn Archipelago is an old Ice Age landscape and is very varied. 

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    Here is a selection of some of the eating establishments you will find in the South Fyn Archipelago.

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    No matter where you are on Fyn, you are never far from great adventures. Egeskov Castle is tempting with its challenging labyrinths and large playground. You can easily spend a day selecting your favourite animal in one of the best zoos in Denmark. Or maybe you feel like feeding a very lively porpoise at Fjord & Belt. Don't miss visiting the Hans Christian Andersen House, where you can see, among other things, his hat and dentures.

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    Hurrah! – It’s a rainy day! On Fyn there is plenty you can do on a rainy day. Choose between adventures for young and old. Here you can find something for all ages and any taste.

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    The South Fyn Archipelago has been inhabited for thousands of years. In fact, traces have been found from Stone Age hunters who lived here as much as 14,000 years ago.

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    Apart from being one of Denmark’s most noticeable natural resorts Fyn is also a unique kayaking destination. We have new kayak-friendly facilities and a large array of courses and planned trips. Denmark’s first guide to sea kayaking has hit the newsstands and covers the archipelago in South Fyn. The guide consists of a guidebook and a book of maps with suggestions for trips, attractions and information. Read more about the guide here.

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    The coastlines that border the South Fyn Archipelago are packed with great fishing spots. The shallow water is ideal for catching sea trout, cod and flatfish. In Denmark, all anglers between the ages of 18 and 67 must have a fishing licence. You can buy a licence online or from the tourist information offices. If you would like to go fishing on the waves, a number of places rent out boats. Ask at the tourist information offices for details. For more good ideas and tips about fishing spots, courses, accommodation, etc.

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    It will be world class volley worth your money, when Stadium Arena Fyn in Odense along with three other arenas in Denmark open their doors to a historic European Championship the 20th – 29th September. The Danish national team, which is prequalified to the European Championship because of its hosting role, has its home turf in Odense, and the Danish lads will need all the backing they can get, if they are to move to the next round. You can help them.

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    On Fyn there are an exceptional number of farm shops and barn door outlets, and there are a number of restaurants which only use locally produced ingredients.

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    The Fyn Village If you love role-playing and things from the really old days, then go on a trip to the Fyn Village. It feels like stepping into a time machine: Whoosh! And suddenly you are back in a real village from the time of Hans Christian Andersen – where the farmer's wife is milking the cows and the farmer is tilling the field with his horse-drawn plough.

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