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Cities and islands

Cyklist på Avernakø

The perfect recipe ...

Four parts island-hopping with extra quality time, three parts charming market towns with cobbled streets, and a dash of big city ambience with authentic street food – plus a side serving of festivals. Enjoy! What would you like to see on the menu for your next holiday? The island of Fyn serves up endless opportunities to mix and match, so help yourself!

Odense - a modern city

Experiences not to be missed

Finished your holiday “bucket list” but still have some days to fill? No problem! By way of inspiration, here are some of the best things to see and do on Fyn.

Cyklister på Fyns Hoved

Explore Fyn and the islands on two wheels

Did you know that Fyn is lapped by the waters of the Baltic Sea, along with fully 93 other islands and islets?