The perfect recipe ...

Four parts island-hopping with extra quality time, three parts charming market towns with cobbled streets, and a dash of big city ambience with authentic street food – plus a side serving of festivals. Enjoy! What would you like to see on the menu for your next holiday? The island of Fyn serves up endless opportunities to mix and match, so help yourself!

The small market towns

The Archipelago

Odense - a modern city

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Experiences not to be missed

Finished your holiday “bucket list” but still have some days to fill? No problem! By way of inspiration, here are some of the best things to see and do on Fyn.

Island hopping the South Fyn Archipelago

Why waste carbon emissions on a flight to Thailand or Greece when you can go island hopping around the South Fyn Archipelago? No matter whether you ar...

Wonderful beaches on Fyn and the Islands

While conditions vary greatly from place to place around Fyn and the Islands, the swimming water is always top quality. Fyn and the Islands have fully...

Here are 20 fantastic reasons why you should visit Fyn

Between Jutland and Zealand, in the heart of Denmark, lies the fairytale island of Fyn – explore its beautiful nature, the old harbour towns and the e...

The biggest attractions on Fyn

You cannot miss these attractions when visiting Fyn! There is something for everyone - cute, fun and quirky animals, enchanting chambers and interesti...

Explore Fyn and the islands on two wheels

Photo: Daniel Villadsen
Did you know that Fyn is lapped by the waters of the Baltic Sea, along with fully 93 other islands and islets?

Nature experiences on Fyn

Fyn has something for every nature lover – regardless of whether you prefer the twittering of birds, colourful flowers or wild plants, or if you are simply looking for the perfect area of countryside for a bracing walk or a relaxed picnic. No matter what - these are great places to start:

Must visit places in the old towns

The old towns of Fyn ooze with "hygge" and nostalgia. So make sure to take time to enjoy the quiet town life and feel the historic wingspan.

Bliv gift på Ærø

Photo: Neli Garnet - Danish Island Weddings