Bike Island ambassadør Mads Frank

Bike Island Ambassador: Mads Frank

Mads Frank, Bike Island ambassador, shifted from a professional career in road cycling to ultracycling at World Cup-level. Today, he still cycles long-distance along with offering coaching and bikefit at Frank Institute of Sports where a good cup of coffee is never hard to get.

Amidst the Riis-fever (referring to Bjarne Riis, a famous Danish rider) in 1996, a 5-year-old kid cycles around the block in Esbjerg almost tirelessly. The other kids eventually ran out of steam, but the cycle-crazed Mads Frank kept going. Over and over again, his father ran next to him on the sidewalk while Mads kept pedaling.

Ultimately, cycling became a great passion and Mads Frank has pedaled ever since. As a road cyclist with license, on the national youth teams and EuropeTour-teams in Belgium and Switzerland.

Mads Frank startede sin cykelkarriere ganske tidligt.

New career – on and beside the bike

Today, 23 years after the race around the block, cycling still permeates Mads Frank’s everyday life. He finished his Sport studies at the university and launched the coaching and bikefit company, Frank Institute of Sports, in Odense and has now ventured into ultracycling, where he participates in several World Cups.

Training on Fyn: culture and nature

Mads loves to train both alone and with others on the roads of Fyn, which span over varying landscapes. He has no trouble explaining what makes Fyn a special cycle destination:

- As a cyclist on Fyn, you get nature mixed with culture and history. You can easily pass four, five or six mansions and estates with small hills, winding roads and creeks in one single trip. All in all, there is a lot of natural beauty that provides value for both those who come for the training and those who focus on the experience as a cycling tourist, Mads Frank explains.

And he doesn’t hesitate when he is asked to recommend three scenic cycle routes for both local, national and international guests.

Top 3 – scenic cycle routes on Fyn


1. From Nyborg to Svendborg by the Baltic Sea-route

“If you cycle along the Baltic Sea-route from Nyborg, you will pass Hesselagergård and drive along the coast through the finest small roads. The variety of agriculture, orchards and forest makes a very scenic route all the way to Svendborg”.


2. Car-free Langeland

“Langeland is so nice! There are few cars and little traffic. Quite often you can experience cycling long stretches without meeting any cars. It’s amazing when you can cycle undisturbed!”


3. Heading out of Odense through Rugårdsvej

“The main road Rugårdsvej is pretty overlooked as a cycling route. It turns into winding terrain when you reach Morud and Brenderup. It’s a great alternative to Middelfartvej (another main road). “

Mads Frank har sin virksomhed på Rødegårdsvej i Odense

Coffee is key

Cycling is not everything at Frank Institute of Sports. At a serious second place of interest comes the good cup of coffee, which also explains why you find a coffee bar inside the institute. It’s called Café Veloriste. Here, the beans are of high quality and the conversations a tad to the nerdy side. It gets even nerdier during the monthly cycle quiz which takes place in the café and every cycle aficionado is welcome to join.

However, Mads has other favourite coffee spots when he’s cycling around on Fyn:

Top 3 – coffee spots


1. Stationen coffee shop in Middelfart

“There’s one place that overshadows the rest – and that’s Stationen in Middelfart situated in the old train station. The owners John and Berit are such kind people. They succeeded in creating a fun and cozy atmosphere in the café, and of course they make great coffee too.”


2. Måle Bakery near Kerteminde

“This is an obvious excursion spot, especially during the summer season. If I had guests from abroad, I would definitely take them to Fynshoved and eat a romkugle at Måle Bakery.”


3. Brenderup Bakery

“It’s a classic bakery where you can sit and have a coffee inside. Also, they don’t frown that much if you arrive by cycle, even during the winter season when you might be covered in mud from head to heals and drag in the dirt”.

About Mads Frank:

  • Ultracyclist and former EuropeTour road cyclist
  • Danish champion in 24 hours ultracycling in 2019
  • Bachelor degree in Sports Science from SDU
  • Currently studying a Master degree in Competition and Elite Sports in Esbjerg
  • Previously enrolled in Manual Sports Therapy at Premier Training Global in Scotland.
  • Owner of the company Frank Institute of Sports in Odense, which offers coaching and bikefit
  • On Mads blogs about everything from his results and experiences to mental training and how to prepare your bike for spring season.
  • Read more about Mads Frank and Frank Institute of Sports on or follow him on his Facebookpage.