kajaker på Svendborgsund ved solnedgang

Here are 20 fantastic reasons why you should visit Fyn

Between Jutland and Zealand, in the heart of Denmark, lies the fairytale island of Fyn – explore its beautiful nature, the old harbour towns and the epicenter of culture, the city of Odense. Take a look upon our list of 20 reasons why you should not miss out on a holiday stay on Fyn:

Skønne badestrande på Fyn og Øerne

Relax, listen to the sound of waves and enjoy the scenery. On Fyn, the coastline is over 1000 kilometres long and regardless of where you are, a beach will never be longer than a half hour drives away. Many of the beaches have fine sand and shallow water and are as such especially well-suited for kids – find your favorite!

2. Odense – A Venue of Life and Culture

Par på gåtur gennem H.C. Andersens kvarter i Odense

As Denmark’s third largest city, Odense has much to show – cultural events, shopping options, a charming historic centre, a beautiful green park and many interesting museums e.g. the eventful Danish Railway Museum.

3. A Paradise - the Archipelago of Fyn

Fyns fineste naturområder - Fyns Hoved

Go aboard one of the ferry boats from Svendborg or Faborg and discover the stunning nature of the many small islands around Fyn. During Summers, visitors can buy an Ø-hop Ticket (“Island hop”) and easily travel from island to island.

4. Visit the Old Harbour Towns

De fynske købstæders hyggeligste områder

Cobblestones, hollyhocks, sailing boats and antique merchants’ houses – cozy coastal towns like NyborgSvendborgMiddelfart or Faaborg have a lot of prestige and beauty to show. Enjoy the unhurried, pleasant atmosphere and a phenomenal view of the blue sea.

5. The 123 Castles and Manor Houses

Egeskov slot i sommeren

Are you interested in history and fabulous nature? Then a visit to the amazing gardens and buildings of the many manors and castles is an absolute must. The most famous among them is Egeskov Castle, where you also can find a large Old Timer museum, a maze and an adventurous forest playground.

6. The storyteller H.C. Andersen

Par på gåtur gennem H.C. Andersens kvarter i Odense

Everyone knows the tale of the little mermaid, don’t they? The well-known tale and many other famous stories were written by the famous author and poet Hans Christian Andersen.Born and raised on Fyn, several museums and even a festival week are dedicated to the world famous writer.

7. The Best Zoo in Europe - Odense ZOO

Besøg Odense ZOO - familie fodrer girafferne

A lot of fun and excitement is gathered in Odense Zoo, awarded as Europes best Zoo – hier you can find Giraffes, Sea cows, Tigers and many more animals from all around the world. There are regular feeding shows and other activities, and the younger guests can tumble and romp around the large playground.

8. The Four Art Museums

Faaborg Museum - kunst på Fyn

Art can be found in all of Fyn’s corners – at the Brandts Museum in Odense, where both modern and old pieces are presented, at CLAY – Denmark’s only pottery museum, as well as at the Faaborg Museum and the Johannes-Larsen Museum, , where artist of Fyn exhibit their paintings.

9. The Wild West of Fyn – Ditlevdal’s Buffalo Ranch

Ditlevsdal Bisonfarm

On Northern Fyn, visit Europe’s largest buffalo ranch with over 400 animals and an intriguing summer program for all visitors. Ride in one of the prairie wagons pass the gentle giant animals, stroll through the farm shop and treat yourself to a nice dinner at the ranches’ restaurant.

10. Bike Island

Cykler Fyns Hoved

Fyn is very proud of its over 1200 kilometres of cycle paths. Whether in the city or on the countryside, the bicycle is the most popular means of transportation on the island. Therefore, Fyn has exceptional many bike rentals and accommodations suitable for travelers on bike – especially, the hilly region Svanninge Bakker is popular among cyclists.

11. A Ride along the Coastline

Ridning Fyn

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, the southern Fyn offers no less than 75 kilometres of marvelous riding routes along the coastline and through the gorgeous landscape. True horse lovers should pay the island of Langeland a visit, where more than 60 Wild horses live in a nature reserve that can be entered under the given rules.

12. Diving, Sea kayak and Fisching

fiskeri havørred fyn

A lot of water equals a lot of water sport activities! Take a diving excursion to the sunken wreck of an Ærøsund ferry boat in the southern sea of Fyn or enjoy the view above the surface while paddling in one of the popular sea kayaks. Otherwise, Fyn is a hotspot for fishing sea trouts e.g. on the peninsula Helnæs, which has Denmark’s only Fishing-Lodge

13. Climb across a real Bridge or in a High Ropes Adventure Park

Bridgewalking Lillebælt

The Bridgewalking in Middelfart guarantees you an adrenalin rush - test your climbing abilities while crossing the old steel bridge over Lillebælt. Alternatively, the high ropes adventure Park, Gorilla Park, offers spectacular courses among the forest trees in between heights of one to 18 metres.

14. Golf with View

Fantastiske fynske golfbaner

A passion for the sport of Golf is a given here on Fyn. In close geographical proximity, you have the possibility to test your golfing skills on the 13 different golf courses - a view of the sea is almost always warranted. Good luck with your game!

15. Hiking at the Archipelago

Vandring Fjällræven classic Øhavsstien

Grab your hiking boots and enjoy “The Archipelago Trail”, also called Øhavsstien by the Danes, which is a 220 kilometres long path that stretches through the Southern Fyn landscape and across the islands Langeland and Ærø.

16. The Culinary Routes

Den Fynske Ølrute - Far & Søn, Svendborg

For those who rather like to combine an outing with something tasty, we recommend the culinary routes. Visit the local producers of chocolatewineriesbreweries or distilleries - – with tastings, of course.

17. Gourmet restaurants and the Danish „Kro“s

Gastr Fyn restauranter - Aro

Fyn is a real goldmine for gourmets. Taste the divine meals, prepared from local products, of the gourmet restaurants, or experience the cozy atmosphere in one of the typical Danish inns, also called  „Kro“.

18. Food and Harvest Markets

Throughout the year, various kinds of local products such as vegetables, fruits, jam, honey, beer, wine schnaps, flowers and many more are being sold in farm shops, harvest markets and food festivals.

19. Events and Festivals


On Fyn, there is always some kind of event going on, because the locals – the “Fynboer” – place great value in cultural celebrations and events. For example, the music festival Tinderbox, where artist such as Lana del Rey, The Chainsmokers and Macklemore will perform this year. Furthermore, the international film festival OFF, the medieval market Danehof in Nyborg or the Magic Days of Odense, where the city is turned into a place of magic for one whole week.

20. Diverse accommodation options

Stella Maris

Slumbering like a prince or princess in a castle or like Tarzan the king of the Jungle in the tree tops – on Fyn you will find the perfect place to sleep. Whether in a hotel like the awarded Stella Maris in Svendborg, a holiday house at the harbor of Bagenkop or at a campsite by the beach – there is something for every taste.