efterår blade natur kvinde ferie

Autumn on Fyn

Photo: Jakob Owens

Experience the ’hyggelig’ and a bit scary atmosphere at the attractions, nature in its autumn clothes and the cosy autumn atmosphere in the market towns. Autumn on Fyn and the surrounding islands offer lots of experiences – take a look and get inspired.  

Halloween at Egeskov

Halloween at Egeskov Pumpkins and Halloween-themed decorations emphasise the theme here and there throughout the gardens.

Halloween at Odense ZOO

Activities for children and adult at ZOO in the autumn holiday - jack-o'-lanterns, zombies and mad scientists.

Autumn in Odense

Photo: Andreas Bastian

The Funen Village

Discover the living history of Funen in the open-air museum, where the past meets the present.

The Danish Railway Museum

Dive into the Danish railway history, take a ride on the mini-train or be a engine driver for a day.

The world of the Vikings

The Viking Museum Ladby brings history to life by recreating the landscape, ships and buildings of the Viking Age.

Nature in autumn colors

Photo: Andreas Bastian

Go on a cycle holiday!

There is no better way to experience Fyn and the Archipelago than from a bike saddle. Here are ten good reasons to give it a go!

Bike Island!

1,200 km of signposted cycle routes give cyclists of all shapes and ages the chance to head out into the blue.

Hiking on Fyn

Put one your very best and most comfortable shoes and venture out into the stunning nature on Fyn.

Angling on Fyn

Come to Fyn, get wet and catch a fish!

More to see and do..

Adventure activities for the whole family

Ride the adrenaline rush as you swing your way through the trees like Tarzan. Look out over Fyn from the top of the Old Little Belt Bridge, enjoy a la...

The biggest attractions on Fyn

You cannot miss these attractions when visiting Fyn! There is something for everyone - cute, fun and quirky animals, enchanting chambers and interesti...

Popular animal attractions on Fyn

The roar of the tiger, the croaking of the frogs and the thundering rhythm of the wild horses' galloping hooves. These are some of the sounds that awa...

Historic attractions on Fyn

Explore the past of Fyn. These four attractions is especially chosen for all of you who just love history.

H. C. Andersen's Odense

Go on a wondrous journey through Hans Christian Andersen’s Odense. Visit the poet’s birth- and childhood homes or the Hans Christian Andersen Museum. If you need an even bigger dose of the poet, fear not. There is lots more to see.

The small market towns of Fyn

The small market towns of Fyn offer both charm, history and a maritime atmosphere. Enjoy a visit filled to the brim with cobbled streets, old houses and lots of "hygge".

Art and culture

Fyn and the islands offers lots of cultural experiences – get a shot of contemporary art at BRANDTS in Odense, explore the many artists and galleries, visit one of the 123 castles and manor houses, enjoy a classical concert or spice up your holiday by visiting one of the many interesting m...

When you get hungry..

Treats for small tummies

We want something to eeeaaat! When small tummies first feel empty, it’s time to find the nearest family-friendly restaurant – fast! So here are some o...

The finest eateries on Fyn

The culinary scene of Fyn is flourishing right now. And once you have a taste for the local ingredients and the informal atmosphere at the gourmet res...

Great places to eat on Fyn

Stop worrying about meal plans, shopping lists and preparing dinner. When you’re on holiday, you can safely rely on the local eateries for your next m...

Three specialities from Fyn you have to taste

The saying "When in Rome .." could easily be translated into: When you are on Fyn, eat like the people of Fyn. And that means you should take a bite o...

Where to stay..

Luxury hotels on Fyn

Do you need some pampering and luxury out of the ordinary? Relax with a soothing facial, a calming massage or an hour in the sauna and indulge yoursel...

Hotels on Fyn

Spend the night in one of these lovely hotels and explore the many wonderful things do to here on Fyn. We give you the complete overview of hotels on ...

Bed and Breakfastd

Charm and "hygge" - that's the essence of spending a night at one of the Bed and Breakfasts on Fyn.

More inspiration..

Not quite right? Take a look at all of the accomodation on Fyn right here.