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Bagenkop Kunsthal - Exhibitions 2024

Bagenkop Kunsthal is a small unique exhibition space with a wide selection of different artists and art forms.

Art gallery at the water's edge

In Bagenkop Kunsthal, which is located on the pier in Bagenkop harbor, you can experience a wide range of different artists and art forms: everything from painting and sculpture to graphics, ceramics and drawings.

There are approx. 14-16 exhibitions over the summer by different artists, who each have a week to exhibit in. There is a vernissage of the coming week's exhibition every Saturday at. 15.



22.06.-28.06.24: Jette Søgaard H. and Karin Anna Søgaard. Painting

29.06.-5.07.24: Kirsten Thune. Painting, dishes and pots

6.07.-12.07.24: Jytte Nielsen. Figures of recycling / 6 Maleveninder. Paintings

13.07.-19.07.24: Britt Fage / Yvonne Lundehøj / Pia Viborg / Lotte Ustrup

20.07.-26.07.24: Romie Romero / Manfred Werner / G. Axmann

27.07.-2.08.24: Birthe Marie Fyrst. Painting

3.08.-9.08.24: Inga Karlsen. Painting

10.08.-16.08.24: Keld Nielsen. Painting

17.08.-23.08.24: Lotte Kibsgaard. ceramics and wool

Opening hours

During the exhibition period, the art gallery will be open from 11-17 on weekdays and there will be a vernissage on Saturday from 15-17 of next week's exhibition.

Bagenkop Kunsthal is located on the outer pier at Bagenkop Harbor, Færgevej 21, Bagenkop.