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Frøbjerg Bavnehøj

Frøbjerg Bavnehøj

Frøbjerg Bavnehøj (Frøbjerg Beacon Hill): the highest point on Funen.

Frøbjerg Bavnehøj  is 130,1 metres above sea level, making it the highest
point on Funen.
From here you can see for miles around.
The landscape was shaped during the Ice Age.

In times of war in the olden days, fires (beacons) were lit on the high
points found throughout Denmark as modes of communication.

Frøbjerg Bavnehøj was one of them and is located near the village of
Frøbjerg, a few kilometres from Tommerup Stationsby.

Every year Frøbjerg Festspil organises a well-attended outdoor
performance on the beacon hill.
There are campfire and barbecue sites in the area.

The amphitheatre was opened in 2009.