Guided Bike Tour to Gyldensteen Strand

Photo: Børge Pedersen
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Join the 27 km-bike tour from Bogense to Gyldensteen Strand and the Renaissance castle Harridslevgaard with lots of good stories and great views!

Vestre Havnevej 9B

5400 Bogense



Wanna join the guided bike ride from Bogense to Gyldensteen Strand? 

The tour takes about 4 hours, and there will be lots of breaks while we stop at the different sights such as the town square in Bogense and the church, Stegø Mill, the bird tower, the Gyldensteen Castle, the town brook and the Bogense Marina.

The guide only speaks Danish.

There will also be a guided tour of the beautiful coastal area Gyldensteen Strand where the dikes have been removed and the nature and coast has been restored. 

Practical information

Start: At the tourist office in Bogense, Vestre Havnevej 9B. You need to be there before we start at 10:00.

Adults DKK 75,-
Children (10-14) DKK 50,-

Tuesdays from 30 June to 28 July from 10:00 to 14:00!


Vestre Havnevej 9B

5400 Bogense


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