Guided Tour (only in danish)

Guided Tour only in danish!

On the occasion of the anniversary of the unveiling of Kai Nielsen's famous sculpture Ymerbrønd at Torvet in Faaborg (1913) and the voyage at Carl Petersen's building for the Faaborg Museum that same day, Faaborg Museum invites an introduction to the well at. 16-17 and to the Faaborg Museum, Mads Rasmussen and the Funen residents. The tour will deal with the exciting history of Mads Rasmussen's ambitious art and architecture efforts, which since then have brought Faaborg town on the map as a city that uniquely has combined art, industrial and town history.

The event takes place on the occasion of the museum's current special exhibition Faaborg in the blood - artist colony 1880-1928, which focuses on the exciting stories about Faaborg as a significant artistic town around 1900.

It is free to participate in the city walk.