Guided walk on Flyvesandet

Come along on a nice walk on the outer tip of North Funen with a guide who will show you around in the unique nature reserve!

Join nature guide Daniel G. Sørensen on a pleasant hike on Flyvesandet, which has a very varied and fascinating nature.

You'll see the coastal area and the sand that has given the area its name (Flyvesandet means flying sand), walk in the big woods and the bog and experience the coastal area on the inside of Nørre Nærå Fjord. Enjoy the view from the bird tower towards Nørre Nærå and Nørreby Hals beach meadows.

Practical information

The trip takes place on Sunday 4 April, Thursday 13 May, Sunday 13 June, Sunday 11 July and Tuesday 3 August. Every day at 14:00-16:00.

Price: DKK 75.

Remember to bring a good mood, a warm jacket and good hiking shoes - and preferably water or a thermos with coffee or tea.