Følg Hans Christian Andersen Trail

Follow the Hans Christian Andersen Trail

The fairy tale poet H. C. Andersen was frequent guest of the castles and manors at Fyn. Explore the countrysite of Fyn and go follow the footsteps of the famous poet. A total of 15 castles and manors have a unique H. C. Andersen story to tell

Download the Hans Christian Andersen Trail app and see Fyn through the poet’s eyes: iPhone / Android. Now you are all set to follow in the footsteps of H. C. Andersen!

The app tells the story of the life of the poet and presents practical information about access conditions, accommodation and opening hours. Although many of the places are open to the general public, some are private residences that may only be viewed from a distance.

Hans Christian Andersen Trail på fynske slotte og herregårde

Fifteen castles and manors on Fyn feature on the route

Broholm Castle – Valdemars Slot (Castle) – Hvidkilde Estate – Egeskov – Søbysøgaard – Nakkebølle Estate – Holstenshuus Manor – Glorup Castle – Lykkesholm Castle – Hagenskov Manor – Hesselagergaard – Hindsgavl Castle – Hofmansgave Manor – Sanderumgaard - The city of Nyborg - Odense Castle.

All of them have a unique story to tell.

Hans Christian Andersen Trail på fynske slotte og herregårde kort

Hans Christian Andersen and Broholm Castle

In 1836, the famous poet made his way to Broholm Castle. From his novel Only a Fiddler – published in 1837 – it is clear that his stay at Broholm the previous year had left an impression

Briskly they walked towards Broholm Estate. The leaves of the forest were transparent, the violets grew in bushes, the woodland fields were in full bloom, and between the trees they could look out across the water to Langeland, which rose high above the sea with its woods and windmills.

At Broholm, you can walk the Fairytale Trail, feast like a baron and even spend the night in rooms richly steeped in history.

Spejling af slotshotel Broholm Slot i sø

Hans Christian Andersen arrived at Egeskov on 16 August 1842. He was clearly enchanted by the place, and in his diary he wrote about the history of the castle and described the garden and the buildings. With regard to the garden, he noted that it “is one of the finest and most beautiful on Fyn”.

You can still make your way to Egeskov Castle today to admire its magnificent grounds, which have won numerous garden prizes.

Egeskov slot efterår

Hans Christian Andersen’s visit to Hindsgavl Castle

The poet was so captivated by a particular vantage point near Hindsgavl that he recommended it to a female acquaintance:

“… it is close by Middelfart, and from one spot in the garden you can enjoy the finest view on Fyn – or perhaps even in Denmark.”

And to this very day, you can enjoy the beautiful view that the famous author so admired at Hindsgavl in 1843.

Udsigt ved Hindsgavl Slot

Hans Christian Andersen’s visit to Valdemars Slot in 1830

A visit to Valdemars Slot (Castle) made a lasting impression on the famous fairytale writer:

We saw King Valdemar’s Castle, where I was particularly interested in the old portraits. For example, there was one of a lady from the Juul Family that made a deep impression on me – it was the first female face that touched my heart.

You can still experience the breath of history at Valdemars Slot, where the owners invite you to view their private rooms that are furnished with a rich selection of antiques and family portraits.

Valdemars Slot med udsigt til det Sydfynske Øhav