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Helene Blum & Harald Haugaard: Nordic Christmas with guests

The Johannes Larsen Museum invites you to a Nordic Christmas concert with one of the biggest names in folk music.

Traditions surround us. They connect people across age and differences. They connect the present with the past and give us community and identity. Christmas and Advent are full of traditions, which are expressed in music and song.

Singer and songwriter Helene Blum, together with violinist and composer Harald Haugaard, have distinguished themselves as some of the finest interpreters and innovators of the rich and vibrant Nordic cultural heritage. Since 2007, they have let the music, traditions and stories of Christmas unfold in an annual Nordic Christmas tour, where their own songs and compositions meet original interpretations of old shows, hymns and dance music in a timeless universe that at the same time sounds recognizable and but very refreshing. Over the years, they have filled churches and concert halls such as The Elbphilharmonie and the legendary Wiener Konzerthaus with their New Nordic folk music and created

In 2023, they have invited the up-and-coming violinist and composer Emma Krag-Elmøe from the group "Stundom" and the Swedish guitar equilibrist Mattias Pérez with, in addition to the cellist Kirstine Elise Pedersen and the percussionist Sune Rahbek from Blum & Haugaard's own band. Helene Blum's twinkling wonderful voice is clothed in Nordic violin sounds and striking rhythms from percussion and guitar.

The tree has been erected, the decorations have been put up, the strings have been tuned and everyone is invited to the Nordic Christmas party with the hope that the calm and beauty of the concert will carry the echo of the heart into the busy Christmas season.

Helene Blum: singing and violin

Harald Haugaard: violin


  • Emma Kragh-Elmøe: violin and viola
  • Kirstine Elise Pedersen: cello
  • Mattias Pérez: guitars
  • Sune Rahbek: percussion.

Entrance fee: DKK 275.

Buy tickets here https://www.place2book.com/da/sw2/sales/abctbqmgfm.