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Honey & Strawberry Day 2024

This spring, bees have been busy pollinating fruit trees and shrubs in the garden, crops in the fields and wild plants in nature.

Honey and strawberry day

One of the plants that benefit from the work of bees is strawberries. Once the bees have pollinated the flowers of the strawberry plant, more and more beautiful strawberries will be produced.

Strawberries and bees are connected in several ways. Freshly harvested spring honey has a delicate and harmonious flavour that forms a perfect symphony with the red strawberries. Everyone can taste it when Langelands Biavlerforening celebrates the annual Honey & Strawberry Day on Saturday 22 June from 10 - 15
in the Visitor Centre in Tranekær (just opposite the castle).

Parking in the car park

Please park in the large car park on Botofte Strandvej and walk the short distance to the Visitor's Farm on the lawn path in front of the castle.