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Keld Moseholm's studio and garden

KELD MOSEHOLMS ATELIER OG HAVE opens a new exhibition of the artist's previously unseen sculptures and drawings. The exhibition showcases the artist's humorous side in the small fat men section, his naturalistic side with a focus on the female body, his work with sculptures in public spaces, and his work with large sculptures in the exhibition's main hall. The large sculpture garden is also open to visitors. Everyone is welcome and admission is free.

"We have tried to present Keld Moseholm's sculptures in a new way. We have highlighted new works that few people have seen before and we have put special focus on his working process from sketches to the moulding of large sculptures. We've had many conversations with Bente Moseholm about how the exhibition space and workshops could be showcased, and this has resulted in a new exhibition and even a new name for the space," says Theis Vallø, curator from Skitsehandlen, who has organised the exhibition together with exhibition designer Morten Underbjerg.

"Keld Moseholm's studio and garden" is a new name for the artist's exhibition space and workshops at his home at Bjerne Gamle Skole outside Faaborg. The open house event is also a celebration of the name change.

"Many people have asked if they could see the exhibition rooms and the large garden out here, and this open house event on 6 July is a way to meet this demand," says Bente Moseholm, the artist's widow. "I'm looking forward to showing Skitsehandlen's new exhibition of my husband's sculptures and drawings."

About Keld Moseholm:

Keld Moseholm (1936-2023) was a Danish sculptor and draftsman. His bronze sculptures can be found in public spaces in several Danish cities, especially his subtle little fat men, and he has exhibited at art museums and art biennials in Denmark and abroad, most recently at Faaborg Museum in celebration of the artist's 80th birthday and the sculpture biennale "Sculpture by the Sea" in Sydney, where he has been a regular exhibitor since 1999. He was educated at the Funen Art Academy 1958-1962 and at the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen in the years 1965-1970.

The exhibition and garden are open every Friday and Saturday from 6 July - 31 August
Price per person: DKK 50,-