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Photo: Team Senz
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Team Senz

7000 Fredericia

Team Lazer offers an updated, and more modern version of the traditional clay pigeon shooting.

With Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, we divide you up into 5 small teams, where 5 people shoot at the same clay pigeon, creating more of a competitive element. The competitions are developed over 4-5 different rounds with up to 20 shots per person per round.

All hits, and which order the competitors are in, are displayed immediately on a large display board, enabling everyone to follow the results.

Clay pigeon shooting is well suited for both small groups (from 6 people) and for larger mixed groups, where everyone enjoys a shared experience in conjunction with i.e.:

  • Meetings (as a break activity)
  • Summer party (as entertainment)
  • Evening event (to finish a long day)

For Laser Clay Pigeon Shooting, authentic original hunting rifles are used that have been adapted to shoot with infrared signals. From a traditional pigeon thrower, composite "clay pigeons" are shot into the air.

The equipment is 100% safe and we sometimes bring along a small tent in case of bad weather, so participants can still shoot in drier conditions.


Team Senz

7000 Fredericia


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