Sauna at Eriks Hale Beach

Photo: Ærø Kajak & SUP
Need to warm up?


5960 Marstal

Winter bath with sauna therapy, for fresh m / k's, but (not for children, pregnant women or people with heart problems.)

Bring: Water, 2 towels / robes & swimwear
Location: The parking lot at Erikshale in Marstal
Price: 150 DKK per person sauna + therapy. Sauna therapy is always the first hour.
         DKK 75 per person ONLY sauna, immediately after the therapy session.
- payable on mobilepay 25462 first to the mill, limited number of seats, you have a seat when paid, I will sign out when filled up.

The sauna therapy consists of 3 sessions of approx. 10 min. duration, followed by a 10-minute break, with the possibility of deep into the fresh sea water if you like. The last session is always a "Boost" that strengthens the immune system and is invigorating.
I look forward to seeing you on the beach at Erikshale in Marstal for a winter bath.
In case of very bad weather, the event can be moved to Teglværkspladsen, where it is possible to dip in the icy wilderness bath or the icy lake.
The event is canceled by too few people.

Remember you can also rent the sauna and have it delivered to a beach near you, see more at, under Teglværksplatsen



5960 Marstal


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