Sea-kayaking / mounainbikes Events with Øhavsporten

Only for companies - groups - camp schools / events.

Masses of fun, learning and inner peace, in a kayak, in the beautiful waters of the South Fyn Archipelago
With us you will be professionally introduced to paddle a kayak, which is 5m long and weighing 25kg (children’s models are somewhat smaller).  Out of the water you will soon find the stillness and inner peace that comes when you glide over the crystal clear waters and can see the sea bed just below you. If you are lucky you might see a porpoise, a flock of seabirds, perhaps even a sea eagle. Sea large crabs, flatfish and plenty of starfish close at hand.
If you feel like taking a dip, you can just hop in the water from your kayak, we bring along snorkelling equipment for all to use. You well receive precisely the teaching you wish for - from paddling technique to rescue drills, all in beautiful surroundings. Also events with mountainbikes.