Udsigt over Valdemars Slot

Visit Valdemars Castle

On the small island, Tåsinge, you can find one of Fyns most impressive castles – Valdemars Castle. When you enter the castle doors, you enter a whole new world. Princes and princesses, barons and baronesses has walked the halls and now it is your turn to explore the beautiful castle.

The castle is both a museum and home to the castle owners – the twelfth generation of the Iuel-Brockdorff family. Inside the solid, stately walls, you will encounter an exquisitely furnished home that simply radiates history.

Where princes and princesses once lived, you are now free to explore the castle rooms and chambers.

Valdemars Slot med udsigt til det Sydfynske Øhav

Explore the castle

In addition to the castle halls, rooms and chambers, you can visit a museum inside the castle. The attic storey of the main building is home to the Hunting and Trophy Museum, which presents an impressive collection of cultural items and hunting trophies from almost all parts of the world.

Veninder på Valdemars Slot

Food and drinks

The castle has a café where you can buy tea, coffee and different lunch options. You can, of course, bring a packed lunch with you. Benches and tables have been set up near the ticket office.

You can also bring a blanket and arrange a picnic at the beach.

Veninder i slotsparken på Valdemars Slot

Explore the surroundings

The castle grounds of Valdemars Castle feature broad lawns and old, tall trees. The castle grounds also contain the biggest mini-golf course in Denmark and is sure to provide an hour and a half or so of delightful entertainment.

When you are finished exploring the castle, why not go for a swim? You can swim in Lunkebugten right behind the tea pavilion. The sand is white and the water is clear.

At the beach’s wooden pier, you can hop aboard the paddle steamer Helge and go for a sail in the archipelago.

Stranden ved Valdemars Slot

The history of Valdemars Castle

The castle was built in 1639–44 by King Christian IV. In the same way as for all his construction projects, the king spared no expense when building this impressive country seat for his son, Count Valdemar Christian.

The castle suffered severe damage during the Swedish War of 1658–60, and it was the Danish maritime hero Niels Juel who prevented the castle from ending its days as an old ruin. The naval hero’s grandson later created the castle grounds with the lake, as well as the different stalls and stables, and the fine tea pavilion by the beach.

The castle has been open to the public since 1974.


There are several ways of travelling to Valdemars Castle. You can walk, cycle or drive over the bridge from Svendborg, take the ferry from Lolland or sail on the vintage paddle-steamer Helge from Svendborg.


Valdemars Slot


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Longitude: 10.653171

Latitude: 55.022354