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Whale Watching on AVENTURA from Middelfart

Galeasen Aventura

Whale Watching tours in July and August looking for one of the smallest whales in the world - the porpoise

The popular Whale Watching tours depart from Gl. Havn (Old Harbour), and here you can relax, enjoy the beautiful nature surrounding you and hear skipper tell stories of the porpoises and the previous hunt for porpoises in Middelfart. During the voyage you pass beneath the Old as well as the New Lillebæltsbridge, which are nature experiences of a special kind, and you will be able to enjoy the beautiful Lillebælt, and the view of the Hindsgavl peninsula and Middelfart town. 

Due to listening equipment on board, we will be able to hear the porpoises communicating with clicking sounds. Experience the porpoises close up at our Whale Watching tours: Skipper gives a whale sighting guarantee.

You are welcome to bring picnic basket or packed lunch.

Access for disabled people: With light or heavy wheelchairs, must be agreed in advance.

About the porpoise
Length: approx. 180 cm.
Weight: 60–70 kg.
Age: Min. 25 years
Protected species in Denmark since 1967.
Last porpoise catch in Middelfart: late 19th century (except during World War II due to lack of lamp oil).

As the porpoises mainly live in the Northern part of Lillebælt by Middelfart, it is quite easy to spot the small whales, especially during summer months. Go on one of our Whale Watching tours on Lillebælt, and experience the porpoises in their natural environment. We are often able to spot the porpoise hunting fish, for ex. herring, and they hunt alone as well as in a pack. When in a pack, they are able to stress the fish to seek towards the surface and then they have a regular feast on the fish. Often the seagulls will join the ”party”.

Just as many other whale species, the porpoise uses sound to find food and the sound volume is among the loudest in the animal kingdom. The loud sound makes it easier for the porpoise to register echoes. They make clicking noises, which last just a blink of an eye, but the number of sounds and the volume are unlimited.

Porpoise catch in Middelfart
In the Middle Ages, Middelfart was known for the murder of noble man Niels Bugge in 1358 and for being the residence of King Christian II during his many voyages crossing Lillebælt in 1523, before he was removed from power. Middelfart became the only place in Denmark, where professional whaling was conducted, the porpoise catch, from the 16th century to the closure of the famous porpoise hunters’ guild in 1898.

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