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Whale Watching on AVENTURA from Middelfart

Join the schooner AVENTURA on a whale safari in the Lillebælt Nature Park, departing from Middelfart Old Harbor. Experience the small porpoises and enjoy the scenic Lillebælt.

Join us on an exciting whale watching and discover the fantastic wildlife in the area. With its location in the Lillebælt Nature Park, AVENTURA offers a unique opportunity to get close to nature and its wonders. Whether you're on the hunt for whales or simply want to enjoy the beautiful landscape, a boat trip with AVENTURA will be a memorable experience for the whole family. Book your tour today and have an unforgettable day at sea!

About AVENTURA: With over 100 years on the water, AVENTURA is part of Denmark's cultural heritage. The ship was declared worthy of preservation in 1993 and is continuously maintained to preserve its historical value. After a career as an eel vessel, it was converted for charter sailing on Lillebælt in the 1970s.

Facts about the porpoise:
Length: approx. 180 cm.
Weight: 60 - 70 kg.
Lifespan: minimum 25 years.
Protected in Denmark since 1967.