Small Danish Hotels – Great Hosts and a Passion for Cycling

Thatched roofs and timber framing or modern inns with the newest of the new, on Fyn you can find them both. Common is that these hotels are perfect for cycling accommodation because of the close proximity to cycling routes and their ability to offer a special service for cyclists.

Nature and Island Living

The many islands, inhabited and uninhabited, are scattered all around Fyn. A great number of them are found on the South of Fyn where you can experience the islands at sea as well as on land. Venture to the wonderful southern harbors, enjoy the many maritime activities, such as kayaking, diving and angling; explore the islands by bike or on foot through wonderful hiking trials, or experience slow living in the small communities.

The Bike Island route and the Baltic Route lead you all over Fyn and the Archipelago

The Bike Island route covers 515 km and takes in the entire coastline of Fyn. It provides the perfect introduction to Fyn and to Langeland and Ærø, the two largest islands in the Archipelago. On Fyn, charming market towns are dotted along the coast like a string of pearls, and the journey from one to the next will take you through gently undulating landscapes and past towns and villages with centuries of history to share.

Both your legs and mind will remember Fyen Rundt

Both your legs and mind will remember Fyen Rundt

Whether you jump in the saddle for a cosy 65 km, ride the slip streams of the elite peloton for 180 km or try the ne 333 km all the way along the coast of Funen a marvelous summer experience awaits you.