Nature and Island Living

The many islands, inhabited and uninhabited, are scattered all around Fyn. A great number of them are found on the South of Fyn where you can experience the islands at sea as well as on land. Venture to the wonderful southern harbors, enjoy the many maritime activities, such as kayaking, diving and angling; explore the islands by bike or on foot through wonderful hiking trials, or experience slow living in the small communities.

3 Desterted Islands - Be Robinson Crusoe For One Day

3 Deserted Islands - Be Robinson Crusoe For One Day

Have you ever dreamed of being Robinson Crusoe, just for one day? If you come to Fyn (Funen), you have the chance to visit three deserted islands, where amazing nature experiences await.

Vandring ved Egebjerg Mølle på Sydfyn

Guided tour to the common land at Egebjerg Bakker (hills)

Common land is a special phenomenon – fields and meadows that are grazed by cattle and horses but are otherwise left to grow naturally, without any form of cultivation. This fascinating type of landscape is to be found in several places on South Fyn. This tour takes you to the delightful hills of Egebjerg Bakker, where common land is the predominant form of countryside – and is constantly developing.

Hiking trip in the footsteps of the South-Fyn Painters

Start off at the museum

Experience the painters of Fyn at Faaborg Museum.

Appropriate behaviour when hiking

Here is a list of tips and advice about showing consideration in the countryside.

The Archipelago Trail has been created for hikers and is signposted along its full length.

When walking, it is important to show consideration for the countryside, property owners and other hikers:


Themed hiking trips

Draw inspiration from a variety of themes when planning your next hiking trip. There are seven suggestions for trips that will lead you in the footsteps of The South-Fyn Painters, through a constantly developing common landscape and past the lilac hedges of South Fyn.

In the footsteps of The South-Fyn Painters

Books, maps and films about the Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail Movie

5 tips to hikingthe Archipelago Trail

About the Archipelago Trail

The Archipelago Trail is one of the longest hiking routes in Denmark, comprising fully 220 km of hiking trails set against the backdrop of the South Fyn Archipelago. The route follows all kinds of highways and byways, providing a fine introduction to a cultural landscape distinguished by delightful areas of countryside, manor houses, villages and market towns.

Vandring på Øhavsstien

Hiking on Fyn

Fyn has many places where you can go hiking. If you are a hiking enthusiast, we recommend you go to the South of Fyn and try out the 220 km long Øhavssti. It is probably Denmark’s longest and most beautiful trail. Many use it as a sort of pilgrimage. Not to find religious salvation but to gear down, look into oneself and find peace and meaning in the hike itself.

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