17 Cycle Routes around the South Funen Archipelago

17 Cycle Routes around the South Funen Archipelago

The South Funen Archipelago offers a wealth of outdoor activities. While you can enjoy fantastic bike tours all over Fyn, this book picks out the best cycle routes around the South Funen Archipelago.

This book is divided into four chapters, each using one of the area’s four main towns as its starting point. A detailed map of the area is given at the start of each chapter. For example if you turn to the chapter of Faaborg, you will find all the routes starting in Faaborg, and take you through the area around Faaborg.

Generally, the cycle routes are not signposted.

In the discriptions of the individual routes, you can find which attractions you will pass enroute and whether the route is suitable for families with small children. You will also find details about the route’s length, how long it will take to cycle on average, and whether it takes you along gravel tracks or tarmac roads.


17 Cycle Routes around the South Funen Archipelago

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