Angling on Fyn

The coasts around Fyn and the islands present unique options for angling. Many good times await the person who seeks them out, but the good fishing opportunities have not come about by themselves. They are the result of more than 20 years of dedicated work in maintaining the living conditions of the fish and for improved water quality. Here you will find a lot of information on fishing as wells as tips on how to arrange your overnight stay and really experience a Fyn fishing adventure.

Gearing up for the fishing trip

Here you will find inspiration for your next fishing trip around Fyn. In cooperation with Havørred Fyn (Funen Sea Trout), we point out the best fishing locations and give you tips and information on fly-fishing, the wind and weather and much more ...

Funen fishing locations

Beautiful Fyn fishing locations – all year round

The coast around Fyn and nearby islands is hundreds of miles long - a great place to fish.

Funen fishing

Fyn fishing on YouTube

Watch some of the incredible videos of sea trout fishing, kayak fishing at North Fyn, fishing in Odense Stream and much more.


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