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If you want to experience musical, culinary or other exciting events, then you have plenty to choose from on Fyn. You can bring the family to one of the many culinary festivals and taste some of the specialties Fyn has to offer. If you would rather move your body or your vocal cords, then the many sports and musical events are obvious choices.

Culinary experiences

Culinary experiences

Throughout the year, the towns of Fyn hold a number of festivals with food as their main focus. And what better way to spend your time than to gather around fresh and tasty, locally produced delicacies, whether they be vegetables, cheese, fruit, beer or chocolate?

Music and culture

Ærø Jazz festival, free Thursday concerts and Opera on the Meadow. No matter what musical genre you like, you can always find events on Fyn and the islands. If you like family-friendly events focusing on nature and music, then the Langeland festival is a great choice. Read more about all the offers here.

Music on Fyn

Music on Fyn … Sing and dance along

Experience ‘Denmark’s biggest garden party’, summer jazz and more besides.

Events for body and soul

If you prefer to have an active holiday or are totally into sports, then you have plenty of options. The water and the coast around Fyn offer maritime events and plenty of opportunities to sail kayak, dive, surf and go fishing. Throughout the year you also have the opportunity to watch or participate in a lot of sporting events suitable for the whole family.

Maritime events on Funen

Maritime events on Fyn

Events such as the Fyn Round sailing race for preservation-worthy wooden ships offers you a unique opportunity to get really close - especially if you sign on as a deckhand. 

Right now ...

What can you see on Fyn in the coming months? This is an overview to help you plan activities for the whole family.


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