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You will find plenty of outdoor life and feel a rush of adrenalin in the adventure parks. Here you can swing through the tree tops at a furious speed and go through challenging climbing courses. There are climbing routes at all levels of difficulty, so everyone can participate. 

Gorilla Park

The Svendborg Gorilla Park is a brand new climbing park located in Stenstrup, 7½ miles outside Svendborg. Here anyone over 4 years of age can get out and climb on the different courses. The courses are of a variety difficulty levels spanning from the children's course for the very small to the Tarzan course for those who like swinging themselves out at 40 feet up in the air. The safety is tops, and the excellent instructors will help you through the courses. So, let go of your inhibitions and let the inner gorilla loose at the Svendborg Gorilla Park.

Funky Monkey Park

With 9 climbing courses and 16 ropeways in trees 2 to 50 feet high, the Funky Monkey Park offers challenges and adventures for all age groups. On the courses, you will be challenged by no less than 86 obstacles at every level of difficulty.

The Funky Monkey Park is the ideal trip destination for the entire family. Choose the routes most fitting to your temperament, courage and desire for challenges. Let the smallest children (from the age of 3) start at the route just 2 feet above ground, and then consider how high up you yourself dare to climb.

The Holstenshuus Climbing Park

The Holstenshuus Climbing Park consists of 3 courses of varying difficulty. All in all, there are more than 3 hours of adventure. Typically, you start at the easiest course and you will be challenged more and more as you carry on. When you reach your "limit", you are welcome to start over or retry those parts of the course you liked the best. If you have the courage, then go all the way and complete all three courses

Lion´s Den

At the Lion's Den, there is something for people of all ages. You'll find lots of jumping castles, gaming machines, air hockey, merry-go-rounds and other fun stuff. When you have paid the entry fee, you can try everything for free. The entry ticket is valid all day, and you can come and go as you please. You may bring your own food and drinks, but of course you can also buy candy and sausages in the Café.


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