On Bågø you can experience a rich bird life and beautiful nature. Take a walk and explore the island.

Bågø is placed approx. a half hour ferry ride from Assens. The ferry sails from Assens and fits only 50 people and a limited number of cars. During winter, the island can appear rugged and wind-swept, but when spring comes, the island starts to blossom and become and idyllic sanctuary. 

In the 6 square meter big island, exiting nature awaits you. Approx. half the island has been cultivated, but you can also find beautiful untouched nature on this small island. Stay for a single day or spend the night. You can easily spend more than just one day on this idyllic island. 

Raps valmuer mark natur

Birds on the island

The nature on the island attracts different breeding birds. The island is placed in a protected area, which results in the best conditions for the birds. If you are interested in birds, Bågø is the perfect destination. There are to bird towers in the island, where you can stay and study the many different birds comfortably.

If you spend a few hours in the bird towers, with a little luck you can spot many different birds. The grey goose is one of the most beautiful birds, you can spot from the towers. You can also be lucky enough to spot grey herons, swans and buzzards. 

You are into hunting and fishing, the island is a great place to go. There are some great fishing spots on the island's coast. Especially the coast on the western side of the island is great for fishing. You can fish for sea trout and cod. The island arranges a big joint hunt one a year, where they hunt for pheasant and hare. 

fugle fugleliv vadefugle

Nature trails

Whether you spend just one day on the island or spend the night, you have to take a long walk in the beautiful nature. You can just take off and see where the island takes you or you can follow the different trails on the island. There are three trails on the island - the blue is 3,5 km, the red is 4 km and the yellow is 5 km.

Each trail takes you on a special walk. On your way, you will come across beautiful vantage points, unique buildings and generally beautiful nature. You will go through both cultivated land and wild nature. Read more about the three trails right here (in Danish). 

Bågø tårn fyrtårn natur

Spend the night

If you want to spend the night on the island, you have to bring your own tent or rent a summer house in advance. There is a camp site on the island, where you can set up your tent. It is also possible to bring a caravan. There are bath facilities on the habour. Right next to the habour you will find a nice beach, where you can relax and take a dip. Read more about spending the night on the island's own web site (in Danish). 

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