Birkholm is the perfect place to de-stress from a busy scedule. There are no paved roads, just beautiful nature and peace and quiet.

Birkholm is only 1 km2. There are several inhabited islands around Fyn, but Birkholm is probably the most untouched. As of Janurary 1st, the island was inhabited by 9 people. When you come to the island, you will see quite a few houses. Many of these houses are only inhabited during summer, because many uses them as summer houses.

You take the little post boat to get to the island, if you don't have your own boat. The local post man is the captain on the boat and sails from Marstal on Ærø to Birkholm twice a day during summer and just once a day in winter. The trip to the island last approx. half an hour. It is the perfect place to go as a part of an island hop in the South Funen Archipelago. 

Birkholm ø sydfynske øhav

The fishing brothers

There are to special inhabitants on the island. They try to keep the island going and hold on to old traditions. Frede and Morten Mortensen is born and raised on the island. They spend their time fishing for cod, eel and shrimp. Together with Frede's wife, Margit, they keep the little island going. Their fishing can be a profitable business, especially in spring, when they catch the first shrimps of the season and sell it to top restaurants in Copenhagen. 

Birkholm ø sydfynske øhav

Take a hike in the nature

This small, flat island is the perfect place for hiking. Hylsbanken is the highest point in the island and is only 2 meters high. The island has big and open areas. When you take a hike on the small island, you will feel a special kind of calmness wash over you. There are no paved roads on the island, which means that you really feel far, far away from the rush of the big city. 

The island flow into a long headland - Sandhovedet. This area is a breeding place for many birds, which means that you cannot visit this area from March 1st to July 15th. If you bring your binoculars, you can spot the birds from a distance. During late summer, you can experience up to 4000 mute swans. This is quite a unique sight. On the island, you will also encounter the hare, which thrive on the island.

fugle fugleliv vadefugle


The only ways to spend the night on the island is to bring your own tent or sleep on one of the architecture designed shelters. You can place your tent on the primitive camp site on the island. Be aware that there are no shopping opportunities on the island. 

On the camp site, there are two shelters. If you spend the night here, you get a unique experience. Make a fire and cook your own dinner over open flames. Here you can be one with nature and relax. Listen to the wind and the ocean. This is the place to relax and enjoy the simple things in life. Be aware that you must book the shelter in advance right here.


shelter overnatning Birkholm ø øhop natur

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