The most beautiful view of the Svendborg Sound


Tåsinge is a small and charming island in the South Funen Archipelago. Maybe you have already visited the island on your way to Langeland. Tåsinge has much to offer, so why not make a stop on the small island? 

When you visit the island make sure to visit the small town of Troense. Here you can experience genuine village idyll with lots of timber-framed houses. However, the first town you encounter is Vindeby.

Near Vindeby you can experience the nature area Skansen. Here you can take a walk through the forrest and the open grass field, where cows are grazing. You can get the most beautiful view of the sound, Svendborgsund, and straight to Svendborg. Take a rest and notice all of the beautiful old wooden ships that come sailing pass the area. 

Tåsinge Vindeby Skansen Svendborgsund

Take a trip with M/S Helge

If you want to experience the nature on Tåsinge from the sea side, you just have to take a trip with the old boat M/S Helge. The charming little boat sails between Svendborg, Tåsinge and Thurø. If you stay on the boat from start to finish, the whole trip will last approx. 1½ hour. However, you can easily take smaller trips e.g. from Troense on Tåsinge with a quick stop on Thurø and then get off the boat on Tåsinge at Valdemar Slot (an old castle).

Helge færge Tåsinge Fyn natur

The hills in Bregninge

If you want to go a little higher and have some great views, you have so visit the hills in Bregninge. One of the highest points of the island is surrounded of beautiful nature. You can see wild nature and grazing goats. You can take a hike ind the hilly landscape and enjoy the view of the lake. If you get tired, you can enjoy a bit of food and maybe something to drink on one of the benches in the area. Here you can enjoy the amazing view of Bregninge Mill.

Bregninge Mølle Tåsinge Fyn

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