Culinary festivals Fyn Food

Culinary festivals

All over Fyn, you will find orchards, nursery gardens and farms supplying the highest quality of fruits, berries, vegetables, flowers and farm products to both Danish and foreign markets.

Decide for yourself where on Fyn you will find your greatest culinary experiences. You may sit down at a table in one of the many top-of-the-line gourmet restaurants, or you may choose to buy fresh ingredients at one of the many road stands that tempt you with their new potatoes, newly extracted honey, homemade jams or fresh strawberries that taste of sun and summer. In many of the orchards you may pick the berries, apples, and pears yourself at a reasonable price and for generous weights. Many of the organic farmers have their own farm shops where you can buy the Fyn specialty, smoked cheese, or freshly butchered beef, veal or lamb. The major towns of Fyn have a weekly market day, where you can taste and buy food products from the local farmers and gardeners.

Gourmet for epicures

Fyn has a series of gourmet restaurants that are absolutely first class, and they compile their menus based on local ingredients of the season. Enjoy a whole evening at a gourmet restaurant, where your senses are pampered and time seems to evaporate. It is a vacation experience that you will never forget. You may also want to go one of the many microbreweries on Fyn, where you can watch the production, taste the drops and bring some beer back to your summer residence.

Visit the Fyn summer food festivals

Throughout the summer, the towns of Fyn hold a number of festivals with food products as their main focus: Temptations of Fyn in Faaborg, and the largest Nordic food market, Culinary South Fyn, in Svendborg, just to name a few.

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Aspargus Lunch, Odense (June)

Culinary South Fyn, Svendborg (July)

Rose Festival, Bogense (August)

Flower Festival, Odense (August)

Temptations of Fyn, Faaborg (September)

Gastromania, Middelfart (October)

Apple Festival, Svendborg (October)

Onion Festival, Bogense (October)