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Welcome to the South Fyn Archipelago – the ultimate cruise water in Denmark. From the sea, you can view the beautiful sand beaches against the backdrop of huge old beech forests. Steep cliffs, green meadows and huge estates and manor houses lying all the way out to the strait. Plenty of islands. 

If you would like to see this and much more, and you want to sail with sails and experience the presence of history on an old schooner or galeas, then through the Maritime Centre you have the option of booking an unusual holiday or day trip on the water.

You are not required to have any seafaring experience. The crew is ready to receive you, your family or the company and guide you on the cruise or the trip. You may actively participate to the degree that you feel you can contribute.

Sample price:
4-day cruise on the Galeas Yukon incl. food and lodging onboard:  
DKK 3,700 per person (max 8 persons) 

See more at under “Holiday at sea”. 

Around Fyn by yacht

As a sailor, you'll always be surprised by the Funen waters. Something new is always hiding beyond the next headland, point or island. There is also a lot of activity at the many marinas on Fyn. The advantage of sailing around Fyn is that you decide yourself whether you want to sail against the wind or with the wind at your tail, or you may choose to take a short or a long trip for the day. You will always find one or more marinas in the neighbourhood. Fyn has waters and a coastal environment to suite every preference. To the west we have Small Belt with its strong currents and an incredibly beautiful coast on both Jutland and Fyn. To the east you’ll encounter the huge coasters on the Great Belt, and you can sail under the impressive Great Belt Bridge. To the south you have the popular South Fyn Archipelago, and to the north you have the open sea. All options are available. Four to five days of sailing is ideal for a round trip.

You can see a list of Fyn marinas at , where you can also read more about the harbours’ facilities.

Dinghies with outboard motors

A dinghy with an outboard motor is for the person that wants complete freedom on the water, whether you like somewhat deep water or prefer to have fun with the entire family at sea and take a swim from the boat.

With a motor dinghy, you can easily get around and there are plenty of things to discover. As only 25 of the 90 islands and islets around Fyn are populated, there are plenty of uninhabited islands where you can experience your own undisturbed adventure. Furthermore, you can sail to your own bay or beach, where people on foot normally cannot get to.

If you are renting a summer cottage on Fyn, you might be lucky and get one that comes with a boat.

If you haven’t brought your own boat, you can rent one. Be aware that speed boats must pass a test which includes knowing the Rules of the Road at sea. Sailing without this test will be fined. The executive order containing the regulations for speed boats can be found at

Smack dinghies

The smack dinghy has been in use all over northern Europe but is especially widespread in the South Fyn Archipelago as the small boat easily sails around between the small islands and fjords. Everyone used to own a smack dinghy, and they were used for fishing as well as the transport of goods and people, smuggling and trade. 

But what kind of boat is it? The simple and small wooden boat is named for its rectangular sail called a "smack". The sail has a sprit located at the bottom part of the mast up to the free end of the sail.

The boat has 1-3 masts and is usually 16-17 feet long and seats 3-4 people. 

With a smack dinghy, you can experience the South Fyn Archipelago on your own, or you can check out the history of the dinghy at Øhavets Smakkecenter.

Canoe, rowboat and pedalos

If you would rather sail in calmer waters than those of the sea, you can bring family and friends on a trip in a rowboat or canoe. This is particularly possible in Odense Stream as well as in Svendborg Sound and Kerteminde Fjord.

On Odense Stream you sail in pedalos behind Brobyværk, but you can also rent rowboats and canoes at Aafarten in Odense. The rowboats are meant for short trips and are rented on an hourly basis. The canoes are meant for day trips, where you can have an adventurous experience about 10 miles past the Odense Zoo, the Fairytale Park, Culture Botanical Garden and the meadows by Åsum. Countryside and culture simply become one on this trip.

From Kerteminde, you can sail roundtrip by canoe on Kerteminde Fjord and Kertinge Cove. This is a day trip on the open waters, rich in birdlife and clean water, where in undisturbed scenery you pass by the forest, the farm animals in the fields, Munkebo and the Viking ship in Ladby.

Additionally, you can sail with pedalos on Svendborg Sound, taking off from Vindebyøre on the island of Tåsinge.

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It sounds like the dream of every outdoors person: to make a living while being part of nature. Nicolai Ilcus does just that with his company, Nicus Nature, located in the beautiful Vindebyøre on Tåsinge island right up to Svendborg Sound.

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Now we turn the kayak around

Now we turn the kayak around

Fyn and the surrounding islands is a unique kayaking destination.