Kayak Fyn/Funen

Kayaking on Fyn

Apart from being one of Denmark’s most noticeable natural resorts Fyn is also a unique kayaking destination. We have new kayak-friendly facilities and a large array of courses and planned trips.

Denmark’s first guide to sea kayaking has hit the newsstands and covers the archipelago in South Fyn. The guide consists of a guidebook and a book of maps with suggestions for trips, attractions and information. Read more about the kayak-guide here.

Apart from the guide to sea kayaking, we will also be publishing a map of the archipelago in South Fyn with suggestions for routes for sea kayaking and other outdoor experiences in the archipelago. Here, you will also find information regarding the vulnerable nature in the archipelago and the precautions you need to take to protect the unique fauna and flora. The map is free of charge and you can get it at the locale tourist agencies.

Kayak docks and kayak trailers are available for sea kayakers – yet another testament to the sea kayak-friendly approach of the area.

The archipelago is a unique area with 55 islands and islets with an exciting landscape and culture. The archipelago is home to many breeding birds and the area is an internationally recognized bird sanctuary. For this reason, the map has suggestions for beautiful sea kayaking routes that take the birds into consideration.

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Map of the archipelago

Map of the archipelago

On the map of the Funen archipelago, you will find inspiration for your own adventures, whether kayaking at sea, diving, horseback riding, hiking, windsurfing, kite surfing, angling, underwater hunting, cycling, climbing and sailing. You will also find ideas for tours – children included – for the many excursion destinations in the South Fyn Archipelago.

Everything has been put together in a detailed map of the Fyn Archipelago.