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Nature Experiences on Fyn

Fyn is a truly wonderful island in all kinds of ways, but perhaps its finest features are its numerous stretches of countryside. The delightful island is blessed with magnificent coasts, verdant forests, untamed wetland and unspoiled green oases.

Seek sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of everyday life in the undulating landscapes shaped over the centuries by wind and weather. This is the perfect place to find peace and harmony. Fyn has something for every nature lover – regardless of whether you prefer the twittering of birds, colourful flowers or wild plants, or if you are simply looking for the perfect area of countryside for a bracing walk or a relaxed picnic.

Here is a selection of wonderful outdoor activities for you to try on Fyn.

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The Archipelago Trail

The trail winds its way through the beautiful South Fyn Archipelago. With a total of 220 km of paths the trail gives you the opportunity to take a short walk or to spend several days discovering the landscape.

Svanninge Bakker

Nature experiences in Faaborg

There is plenty to do in the countryside around Faaborg. Climb the hills of Svanninge Bakker or explore the nature on the many outdoor activities e.g. riding horseback or paddle in a sea kayak. 

Hindsgavl Dyrehave

The Hindsgavl Peninsula

The Hindsgavl Peninsula near Middelfart is the perfect setting for all kinds of things to see and do in the landscape right next to the Little Belt. 

Voderup Klint Ærø

Voderup Klint

Marked with a brown Cross of St. John, Voderup Klint (Cliff) is an authentic national natural gem.


The Botanical Gardens

The Botanical Gardens in Odense are absolutely worth a visit if you would like to expand your botanical horizons, or simply think it is fun to spend time wandering around among beautiful flowers and plants.



The Helnæs peninsula is located 20 km south-east of Assens. The landscape features five burial mounds, and the giant Bobakkerne earthworks are covered with a dazzling array of colourful plants.


Vejlen on Tåsinge

Vejlen on Tåsinge

An area of shallow fjord located on the western side of Tåsinge. It is a favoured resting place for numerous aquatic birds, ducks and geese.


Ancient remains at Lykkesholm

“I wish I had you with me, ideally here at romantic Lykkesholm – the most beautiful place I know on Fyn.” This is how Hans Christian Andersen described the place in a letter to a dear friend. surroundings.


Wild horses on Langeland

Abide by the access conditions and you are welcome to enter the area where around 80 stallions and mares spend their days cropping the grass.



Explore this deserted island off the north coast of Fyn. The island is protected today, but you may still meet a number of four-legged and feathered ‘residents’.

Map of the archipelago

Map of the archipelago

On the map of the Funen archipelago, you will find inspiration for your own adventures, whether kayaking at sea, diving, horseback riding, hiking, windsurfing, kite surfing, angling, underwater hunting, cycling, climbing and sailing. You will also find ideas for tours – children included – for the many excursion destinations in the South Fyn Archipelago.

Everything has been put together in a detailed map of the Fyn Archipelago.


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