Farm shops

On Fyn there are an exceptional number of farm shops and barn door outlets, and there are a number of restaurants which only use locally produced ingredients.

Gårdbutikslisten, The list of farm shops includes organic farms that have an actual farm shop with a store and a certain range of products, and they keep fairly regular opening hours. In addition to the farm shops, there are many farms that sell from stands along the roads or according to various arrangements. If you are looking for these, please refer to the Barn door list, Stalddørslisten

If you have become tempted by the Fyn ingredients but cannot fine them on Fyn, then you can get help here as well. is an organic farm shop and web store with a large assortment of organic beef, lamb and pork, as well as organic chicken and turkeys from Sødam. They also have their own sausage plant and a long list of organic cold-cut products. Additionally, they have a wide selection of various groceries as well as wool comforters and mattresses. On their web shop, you can buy Fyn products 24/7. You can also buy good Fyn meat at De Fynske Gårde. De Fynske Gårde produces veal and beef according to proud farming traditions, and the welfare of the animals is valued highly!

You need not go to the countryside or on the internet to shop for Fyn ingredients. In the heart of Odense City you find Gastroteket, a bistro and a specialty store, that has a large variety of locally produced specialities from all over Fyn. Here you will find everything your heart desires from quality meats and colonial to marmelades, apple juices, sirups and much much more. 

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Get directions to farm shops and web shops

Gårdbutik-listen - The list of farm shops

Stalddørsalg på Fyn - Barn door outlets on Fyn

Gaardbutikken - The Farm Shop


De Fynske Gårde

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Producenterne - hvem står bag de fynske produkter?

The producers – Who are they?

The producers of Fyn work closely together no matter the product type. "The Taste of Fyn" is the name of the cooperative between 80 large and small food producers, brewers, farm shops, cooks and restaurant owners, who join forces to bring the very best food products from the soil of Fyn to the tables of all consumers. Read more about the products Fyn has to offer, and the people behind them, here.