Both your legs and mind will remember Fyen Rundt

Both your legs and mind will remember Fyen Rundt

A bicycle race with more than 104 years in the saddle – that is what you can experience in Fyn on the 15th of June

Whether you jump in the saddle for a cosy 65 km, ride the slip streams of the elite peloton for 180 km or try the ne 333 km all the way along the coast of Funen a marvelous summer experience awaits you.

To the bike riders the bicycle race Fyen Rundt is like a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. You will have to go through many difficulties before you can climb off the saddle and live happily ever after… The Fyn Alps and the many places ending in –bjerg (hill) indicates what the rider may expect on one of the four routes. But the scenery is an explosion of wild nature with kilometres of natural fencing, wide open spaces and wooded hills only interrupted by grand manor houses and small half-timbered houses.

Denmark’s oldest bicycle race for everybody

Fyen Rundt is the oldest bicycle race in Denmark and only two other races in the world dates back further than 1894, where Fyen Rundt was held for the first time. For the last 11 years, the race has been for both elite and amateur riders, so everybody has the opportunity to test themselves on the Fyn country roads on the 15th of June, whether you travel with flower garlands on your handlebar basket or disc wheels and tricot.

Compete against the stars at Vissenbjergbakken

Fyn’s very own cycling star, Alex Rasmussen is ready at the starting line and like previous years Fyen Rundt will include several famous riders, whose tyres also will be rolling at the Tour, in the Giro, at the Olympics and other fashionable places. Amateurs can challenge the elite riders on the hillside sprint at Vissenbjerg or on one of the other many climbs, including the Funen Alps at Svanninge and the highest point on Fyn, Frøbjerg Bavnehøj.

Party at the finishing line

Exactly that which a cycling enthusiast needs awaits the riders, when they finish with sweat on their foreheads, lactic acid in their legs and tears in their eyes from the breathtaking nature: A barbeque with the best sausages on Fyn grilled by a local buther and a nice salad. And then of course the family, which can follow their private cycling hero on the big screen at the starting and finishing line. In the expo area the audience will also find many activities for the entire family. For instance a cycling school for the children and ice creams for free. And then you can meet the Elvis of Fyn who provides a very special kind of entertainment called musical stand-up and the band Johnny Madsen Jam .

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Facts for the participants

• Choose between four routes: 65, 110, 180 and 333 km

• Energy bar, water, fruit, energy drink and a closing barbeque with live music is all included in the starting fee.

• Participate in the team match or the company combat with your club mates and co-workers respectively and get a discount.

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