18 charming cycle routes

18 cycle routes on Fyn

There are fully 18 signposted cycle routes on Fyn. The routes, which are clearly marked with blue signs, are laid out along lightly trafficked roads and take riders to a host of sights, attractions and new experiences: cooperative dairies that have become micro-breweries, delightful cafés set in fruit orchards, castles, manor houses and more. So you can be sure that your cycling holiday on Fyn will be a truly special cultural experience.

Rute Distance
Odense - Kerteminde 19 km
Odense SØ - Bøgebjerg Strand  31 km 
Tåsinge Rundt  36 km 
Svendborg - Faaborg  28 km 
Rundt om Middelfart  15 km 
Langesøstien  16 km 
Svendborg - Bøjden  38 km
Taarup - Davinde 18 km
Svanninge Bakker 12 km
Middelfart - Odense - Nyborg  76 km 
Bogense - Odense 32 km 
Emtekær - Frøbjerg Banker  22 km 
Assens - Middelfart  39 km 
Cykelrute 91, Ærø 30,5 km
Cykelrute 92, Ærø 10,5 km 

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