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37 fantastic reasons for why you should visit Fyn

In the heart of Denmark, in-between Jutland and Zealand, you will find the fairytale island of Fyn. Dare to go explore the beautiful, versatile and unique island - you might just end up experiencing your own personal fairytale...
Tuesday, June 28, 2016

We have here gathered a list of no less than 37 brilliant reasons for why you should visit Fyn and its many small, yet unique, surrounding islands.

1. Park your car, grab your mountainbike and go for a ride in Svanninge Bakker - locally known as the The South Fyn Alps

MBT Sydfyn

2. You can also choose to experience Fyn on horseback…The South Fyn Horseback Riding Route is 75 km long and is signposted throughout the beautiful landscapes.

Riderute Sydfyn

3. Perhaps you prefer a paddle in a sea kayak… 


4. How about a hike along the 220 km long Archipelago Trail which will guide you through landscapes along the South Fyn coast and lead you round the islands of Ærø and Langeland… 


5. Maybe a dive by the sunken ferry, Ærøssund, in The South Fyn Archipelago or somewhere else in the diving-Mekka that is the Little Belt.  

Dykning lillebælt

6. If you want sea trout on your hook, Fyn is the place. On the peninsula Helnæs, by the market town of Assens, you will even find Denmark one and only Fishing Lodge – a small hotel specialised in making everything as nice and comfortable as possible for anglers. Havørred Fyn

 7. On South Fyn you will find more than 20 architect-designed shelters. Book an overnight stay in one of them here… 

Shelter Sydfyn

8. You can also choose to stay at Stella Maris in Svendborg with its gorgeous location directly at Svendborg sound – the 3rd best hotel in Denmark!

Stella Maris

9. Hungry? No problem - the soil of Fyn fosters some of the best food for you to feast on… find a market with local produce here 

Claus Holm fødevaremarked

10. Prepare your food outside

Mad på bord

11. Or let one of the island’s talented chefs do it for you…you will find the chefs at Falsled Kro, Lieffroy, Pasfall, Rudolf Mathis and at many other restaurants around Fyn… 



12. Scattered around Fyn you will find wine farmers who produce delicious local wines. Follow the wine route around Fyn 

Skarupøre Vingard

13. Follow the Chocolate Route if you like high quality chocolate made with the finest cacao… 


14. Or follow the Beer Route and visit one of the many breweries and find out for yourself why the local brewers claim that Fyn is the place to be when wanting to produce well tasting beer…


15. If you are bringing children who like to go for a splash or want to build a sandcastle - Fyn is perfect. Along its more than 1000 km long coastline you will find many child-friendly beaches. Take a look at our beach suggestions here 

Strand Fyn

16. Jump on board a ferry or find a friendly captain who will sail you around the South Funen Archipelago. Fyn is surrounded by a total of 96 islands - some inhabited and some uninhabited. Go island-jumping and find your favourite island. 

Ærø Færgen

17. Perhaps you’d like a very peaceful island holiday like this one near Faaborg… 

Ø ud for faaborg

18. Or perhaps a holiday apartment on the harbour of Bagenkop on the island Langeland is more your sort of thing… 


19. No matter where you are on Fyn you don’t have to look far for an ocean view. Actually, we promise you that it will be a challenge for you to find a caravan site that is not located near a beach…

Bøjden Strand Camping

20. Visit Middelfart and catch a view from above. Besides Sidney, this is the only place in the world to experience Bridgewalking – a walk on top of the old Little Belt bridge 


21. You can also challenge yourself in the tree tops of a climbing park… 


22. See a real buffalo farm in the middle of North Fyn... 

Vilde heste

23. Go crazy at a festival…. we offer something for EVERYONE…. Tinderbox…!


24. Harry Potter Festival... 

Harry Potter festival

25. Odense International Film Festival (OFF) - Denmark’s cosiest, most courageous and most adventurous short film festival… Expect the unexpected… 

Odense Internationale Filmfestival

26. Heartland Festival at Egeskov… a brand new festival that combines live-talks and contemporary art with the best from both the musical and the culinary world. The festival is held in the second weekend of June 2016 at one of the most beautiful locations in Denmark: Egeskov Castle 


27. SVEND – Denmark’s film and culture days. At the end of August, the whole town of Svendborg is buzzing when SVEND is being held. Every year The Audience Award is being awarded to the best films and actors whilst the whole of Svendborg cheer along. 


28. The Rose Festival in Bogense – a charming market town filled with roses of all kinds…that is the essence of The Rose Festival… and there are many more… Langeland Festival, Lovein Festival on Skarø, Jazz Festival on Ærø and the list of festivals on Fyn goes on and on… 


29. On Fyn you will find 123 castles and manor houses. At many of them you’re welcomed inside and get to experience the beautiful locations and their history up-close…

Valdemars Slot

30. And then we have Hans Christian Andersen. Our world-famous poet who every year is celebrated with pure love and admiration during the H.C. Andersens Festivals in Odense 

H. c. Andersen festivals

31. Hans Christian Andersen is part of Fyn’s DNA. When readings his beautifully written fairy tales you will find answers to some of the biggest questions in life – even though his work is over 200 years old! Let’s keep reading, interpreting and learning…in 2020 a brand new Hans Christian Andersen museum plan to open in Odense…

Nyt H.C. Andersen Museum

32. Actually, new things are happening and being build all around Odense – a city in transformation…

The Habour… 

Odense Havn

Big sport events… 

NBA event

The City Life…


33. You can also find art around Fyn. Four of the largest museums invite you to come experience each their unique museum… 

Contemporary art at Brandts… 


Ceramics at CLAY …


Faaborg Museum where you’ll find paintings from local artists and where the building itself is a piece of art… 

Faaborg Museum

Havfrue Faaborg Museum

and Johannes Larsen Museum where you step straight into the actual home and workshop of the famous artist, Johannes Larsen…

Johannes Larsen Museet

34. May we invite you to Europe’s Best Zoo? 

Odense ZOO

35. Nyborg – the historical heart of Denmark … Every year, Nyborg Municipality and Østfyns museums recreates an ancient tradition. The tradition was actually forgotten in over 600 years but is now relived the first weekend in July when “Danehof” is being held in Nyborg. Make room for kings and knights, sword and armour! 

Danehof Nyborg

36. No matter where you find yourself on Fyn and the surrounding islands you are never more than half an hour’s drive from the sea… or a child-friendly holiday experience 

Badende børn Drejø

37. Last but not least - we have to mention the natives of Funen – so versatile – yet, known for their warmth and cheerful mood and lifestyle…


See you soon on Fyn? :) 

Far og søn spiser æble

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Knallertmand Ærø

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