Maritime Fyn

Maritime Fyn

The many islands and the beautiful landscape along the coast make sailing in the Fyn waters one of the most diverse and beautiful experiences in Denmark. This is precisely the reason Fyn and the surrounding archipelago is one of the yachting enthusiasts' absolute favourites, and the multitude of quaint harbour towns and marinas are humming with life from the start of the sailing season until in mid-October.

Maritime experiences

The maritime culture and history are still deeply anchored in the coastal towns of Fyn. Enjoy the charming maritime environment and attractions that focus on sailing history and marine life. You will find plenty of possibilities for the entire family – from a stroll along the harbour pier to crab fishing and stories about adventurous sailors.

Holliday at sea

Holiday at sea – in yachts or kayaks

Islands, coves, bays, straits, shoals, channels and belts; add to that heaps of white sails and many wonderful places to moor. 

Maritime sights

An island with such a long coastline and so many surrounding islands and islets naturally has a special maritime tradition, which is also reflected in the local sights.

Ladby Viking Museum

Maritime events on Fyn

At the Ladby Viking Museum by Kerteminde Fjord, you can visit the only known ship grave from the Viking Age. This is an attraction of international scope.

Fyn harbours

That the sailing history of Fyn goes far back in time is clearly felt in the Fyn harbours. For many an adventurer, the Fyn harbours have been both the starting point of incredible travels and a source of longing and homesickness.

Fyn ports

Ports of Fyn

Wind down and feel the quaint atmosphere that characterises the towns of Fyn. Cobblestone, winding streets, hollyhock, lively marinas and small specialty stores. Let the kids experience buying freshly caught haddock from the fisherman at his fishing boat.

Funen harvest festivals – all year

Harvest festivals on Fyn – all year

Every year, the cities of Fyn have a number of festivals with food as their main theme. And what could be cosier than gathering around some of the fresh, tasty, locally produced delicacies – whether they are composed of vegetables, cheese, fruit, beer, or chocolate?

Fyn boat races

A series of boat races connected to Fyn shows that these are probably the best waters in Denmark for sailing enthusiasts. The sailors are particularly attracted to the waters around Fyn, where the seas are not rough but the wind conditions are good.

Preservation worthy wooden ships

Fyn Round for preservation worthy wooden ships

Every year, 30-35 preservation-worthy ships sail around Fyn and several of them take guests on board. If you feel like having a real maritime adventure – this is a unique opportunity.