Nature playgrounds on Fyn

Nature playgrounds on Fyn

How about going on an excursion to one of the many nature playgrounds on Fyn?

You can bring the picnic basket and enjoy a nice afternoon or evening. And who knows, maybe you will find some new play mates.

Nature playgrounds on Fyn

  1. Vejstrup Ådal
  2. Gåsebjergsand
  3. Bolbro Grounds
  4. Children's city
  5. Dronningemaen Nature playground
  6. Sansehaven in Nyborg
  7. Stige Ø
  8. Galaksen i Nårup 
  9. Musikrum i Odense

There are many nature playgrounds around Fyn. Use the list to find the one that suits you and your family the best.

Vejstrup Ådal

Ådalen was probably formed during the last ice age in which a geological phenomenon called the Great Belt glacier made the meltwater run west and eroded the landscape as it appears today. The Fyn county managed to create hiking trails that are or will be marked so that you can move around without destroying the nature.

The easiest way to find the stream valley is to walk from Vejstrup town to Vejstrup Stream. A hundred yards after crossing the stream, you can turn left and follow the newly made nature path. You will find ropes you can swing on, but otherwise it is the steep slopes and trees which create the greatest challenge to the kids as a true, natural playground.



The nature playground on Gåsebjergsand in Svanninge Hills is located in an old gravel pit, and it is located in the "pockets" into which the area has been divided: The largest playground for kids 7-12 years of age has about 25 pieces of play equipment placed along the edge so that you can play "The ground is poisonous" all the way around. Troll country is for kids 3-6 years of age with about 10 pieces of play equipment. There is also an area where you can make caves and grassy areas with places for camp fires. Additionally, there is a shelter against rain, where you can sit dry and "watch" the playground.

Bolbro Grounds

This beautiful oasis playground is situated in a charming green area next to a lake and paths. The playground features Kompan swings and seesaw animals. Climbing wall and climbing castle. A small slide for the very small kids and a large slide and a large swing construction for the not so small kids. A tremendous plus to the playground are the many bench arrangements where you can sit and eat your lunch. The grounds are located on Roesskovsvej 113, 5200 Odense V. 

The children´s city

This playground is split into sections for the different age groups, and it offers challenges to children of all ages. It has, for instance, swinging ropes, ropeways and an exciting "prison castle". It also has sheep and goats that very much like to be talked to and petted and be given some little snacks. And there are many cosy places where you can sit and enjoy your lunch pack (even when it rains). Kildegårdsvej 50, 5240 Odense NØ.  City busses numbers 12, 31-32 and 71 go directly there. Get off by the church at Vollsmose Allé. It is always open and it is free of charge to play in the Children's City. 

Dronningemaen Nature Playground

Lovely nature playground with swings, a ropeway, climbing net, streams with bridges, ball courts, spectacular carved animals, streams, hills and bush. In the winter, when it is freezing, it has a skating rink. Estimated age group: 1-12 years. The playground is located on the corner of Møllergade and Dronningemaen in Svendborg. It has bathrooms in the area and options to eat at tables and benches. 

Sansehaven in Nyborg

Enormous and wonderful playground with untraditional toys that stimulate the senses and challenge your motor co-ordination. The children have a great time on the balance bar and various climbing tools. You can see and experience animals like rabbits, goats, ducks and chicken. The park offers ample opportunity to eat your lunch pack and as a special bonus it leads into a lovely and child-friendly beach on one side and a beautiful forest on the other. Strandvænget 1, 5800 Nyborg, open every day, free access.

Stige Ø (Stige Island)

On Stige Island, you have plenty of opportunity for fun and games. The Red Houses form the welcoming area with an ice-cream shop, a grill house and bathrooms. We would like to get more activities and more red houses in the area. The area has been partitioned up into lots that may be rented by private companies, clubs, associations or others who would like to get active on Stige Island. Get more information on how to rent a lot at the Red Houses.

You can go canoeing and kayaking, mountain biking or skateboarding and explore the nature. The island has both camp fire places and a grill house as well as bathrooms and shelters for overnighting.

“The Galaxy” in Nårup

The recreational area in the village of Nårup known locally as “The Galaxy” has been created through a fantastic voluntary project and is well worth a visit. It is an area for both locals and visitors, and together with the local community centre it now constitutes the most popular meeting point in Nårup. There are opportunities for all kinds of activities on the playing fields, zip line, playground and two petanque tracks. There is also a bonfire site with both benches and tables for visitors to use. Many railway cycling tourists have also become fans of the facilities here, which they often use while taking a break from their pedalling.

The Music Room in Odense

In the Music Room, children and adults can immerse themselves in sounds created by Mother Nature and by people using their own bodies – both as random noises and in harmony. This mix of background noises, man-made rhythms and tones in nature generates unique experiences and makes for a very special treat for all the family. It is the perfect place for children and adults to experience something new, fun and exciting.

Attractions in the Music Room include “The Singing Stones”, Roundabout music boxes, “The Ear” (the Music Room’s hallmark), Wood Instruments, the Percussion Corner, and more besides.

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