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In partnership with GuideService Fyn, Bike Island organises cycle guides for all parts of Fyn. You can book everything from a single hour in Odense to a ride lasting several days and visiting all parts of the island.

Guide prices, general

Hours Weekdays (DKK) Sundays (DKK)
1 945 1.035
2 1.305 1.435
3 1.535 1.665
4 1.765 1.895
5 1.995 2.125
6 2.225 2.355
7 2.455 2.585
8 2.685 2.815
9 2.915 3.045
10 3.145 3.275
Then DKK 230 per hour or part thereof

If you would like to book a cycle guide for a trip lasting several days, where the guide will be staying with the group, the price will be DKK 1,900 per day. The client will also be required to pay for the guide’s meals and accommodation.

(We recommend a maximum of 15 people per guide)


The fee is charged per hour or part thereof.

For trips starting or finishing outside Odense, the client will also be charged transport expenses for the guide, in line with the applicable state rates for 2018 (DKK 3.53 per km driven in 2017).

In the absence of any agreement to the contrary, the guide service must be cancelled at least 48 hours before the trip was scheduled to start. Cancellation later than this will result in the client being charged 1 hour for a futile journey. For large-scale events, the cancellation terms will be agreed separately.

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