Destination Fyn


Treat yourself to a delicious brunsviger – the “national dish” of Fyn

The people of Fyn love their brunsviger cakes, and consider them a kind of “national dish” of the island. The cake itself is quite simple, consisting of a soft yeast dough topped with a generous layer of melted butter and brown sugar. It is unlikely to win any awards for its appearance, but if you have a sweet tooth you will almost certainly fall in love with this Fyn speciality.

Fyn residents are perfectly happy to eat brunsviger cakes at any time of the day – morning, noon and night. At (children’s) birthday parties, it is almost compulsory to serve a giant brunsviger cake shaped like a boy or a girl and decorated with liquorice, wine gums and other sweets. And revellers returning home from town in the small hours of the morning often knock on the door of their local baker so they can take home a warm, freshly baked brunsviger to munch on before hitting the sheets.

Every year, this peerless pastry is celebrated on 11 October, which has been named “Brunsviger Day”. On this date, enthusiasts all over Fyn compete to bake the best brunsviger, songs are sung in its honour, and everyone eats at least one! You may be lucky enough to spot brunsviger cakes in bakeries in other parts of Denmark, but it is only on Fyn that you can be sure of finding them in every self-respecting bakery. And if there aren’t any on the shelves, that’s because they have already sold out.

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