The Archipelargo Trail

The Archipelago Trail

A total of 220 km of hiking trails wind their way along a captivating route around the South Fyn Archipelago. Excellent paths that provide the best possible experience if you are looking for a brisk hike for an hour or so, or would like to take a mini-break with luggage transport – or even spend a week or more backpacking through delightful South Fyn.

There is plenty of space here to let both legs and imagination wander, and to admire and enjoy the beautiful flooded ice age landscape with its almost innumerable islands, coves and coastal woods. Sign up for a guided tour or purchase a hiking tour package from a tour operator.

To vandrere på Øhavsstien

About the Archipelago Trail

Find out more about the Archipelago Trail, the countryside and the South Fyn Archipelago. Go exploring along the Archipelago Trail, and read about the shaping of this unique landscape.

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