The Bike Island route and the Baltic Route lead you all over Fyn and the Archipelago

December 14, 2017

The Bike Island route covers 515 km and takes in the entire coastline of Fyn. It provides the perfect introduction to Fyn and to Langeland and Ærø, the two largest islands in the Archipelago. On Fyn, charming market towns are dotted along the coast like a string of pearls, and the journey from one to the next will take you through gently undulating landscapes and past towns and villages with centuries of history to share.

The 900-km-long Baltic Route covers the whole of South Denmark, showcasing a series of the finest attractions in the country. A large section of this route follows the coastline of Fyn, giving you the chance to experience the Danish countryside at its impressive best. Wherever you go on the island, you will find signposted cycle routes linking the towns and cities via a finely meshed network of cyclist-friendly roads, paths and trails.

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